1990-1986 Graduates

1990-1986 Graduates


Virginia (Henderson) Hunsberger ('90) MS, is a chemist in the laboratory Accreditation Program of the Commonwealth of PA in the Department of Environmental Protection.

Thomas J. Vuk (‘90 – BS) He is Laboratory Manager at ConocoPhillips Alaska.

Stephanie A. Warner (‘89 – BS BIOCH) She is a chemist at SAIC.

Richard L. Crowl (‘88 – BS) BSE Earth Science, MSC [1974]; He is a Senior Research Scientist at Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Dean A. Markley (‘88 – BS) He is a Senior Chemist at OpSec Security Inc., a Division of Applied Optical Technologies Holdings, Inc., working with optically variable security products for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Richard N. Wurzbach (‘88 – BA) He is a Senior Analyst at York Laboratories, LLC, which is a member company of the New York Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ). The primarily provide organic analysis services, with key capabilities including in-service hydraulic, lubricating and engine oil analysis, fuels analysis including biodiesel, grease analysis and research, and biofuels research.

Thomas C. Becker (‘87 – BS BIOCH) Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas; He is an Assistant Research Professor at the Duke University Medical Center.

Craig A. Glotfelter (‘87 – BS) He is an Account Manager for BASF Corporation.

Douglas B. Gundel (‘87 – BS) MS (1991), Ph.D. (1994) Materials Science/Engineering, University of Virginia; He is a 3M Austin Texas Electronic Solutions Division Technical Manager.

Rob Miller ('87 – BS BIOCH) Working Words Inc., Vice President. After working both in the pharmaceutical industry and as an entrepreneur, Rob became a partner and Vice President at Working Words Inc., a training and consulting company specializing in documentation for pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical operations. Working Words teaches scientists to think critically and write clear, concise documents (including root cause investigations, standard operating procedures, validation documents, clinical protocols and reports, and regulatory filings) for regulators including, the FDA (US), EMEA (Europe), MHRA (UK), PMDA (Japan), and others.

Julie A. (Bowen) O'Brien (‘87 – BS BIOCH) She is a Research Associate in the Sleep/Schizophrenia Group at Merck & Company.

Stacie A. (Peleschak) O'Sullivan (‘87 – BS BIOCH) She is Manager of Regulatory Affairs at MGI PHARMA. Following a recent reorganization at her current company, her position as an analytical chemist was eliminated. She has now decided after ~20 yrs to pursue a career in regulatory affairs.

Jeffrey A. Stuart (‘87 – BS BIOCH) Ph.D., Syracuse University; He is a Principal Member of the Engineering Staff in Nanobiotechnology at the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratory in Cherry Hill, NJ. He is working on sensor development, bio-derived energy, biomimetic technologies, and healthcare diagnostics.

Douglas J. Brodhecker (‘86 – BS) He is a Research Chemist in Engineering & Analytical Services at PH Glatfelter Co. in the Corporate Environmental Department.

Gary M. Peiffer (‘86 – BS) MS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; He is a Senior Scientist at the Procter & Gamble Company Regulatory Affairs.

Monica L. Weiss (‘86 – BS BIOCH) MS, Drexel University; She is a Patent Information Manager, Information and Library Services, at Sanofi Pasteur. She has been in the information science field for ~20 yrs now, most recently for sanofi pasteur in the Poconos. She supports R&D scientists and patent attorneys by providing published information from various databases such as Chemical Abstracts on various topics for their current research.

Gregory H. Zimmerman (‘86 – BSE) Ph.D., University of Delaware; He is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Bloomsburg University.


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