1995-1991 Graduates

1995-1991 Graduates


Kirsten R. (Zug) Dissinger (‘95 – BSE) She is a 9th Grade Physical Science Teacher at Hempfield High School in the Hempfield School District.

Nicholas Rider (‘95 – BS BIOCHEM) D.O. - Kansas City College of Medicine and Bioscience. He is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Clinic Chief at the Division of Allergy-Immunology at the Texas Childern's Hospital and Baylor Collge of Medicine at Houston, TX.

Stephannie F. (Brown) Block (‘94 – BS) MBA, Indiana University (2009); She is a Segment Leader at Momentive Specialty Chemicals Global Automotive Market.

Anthony S. Drager (‘94 – BS) Ph.D., University of Arizona; He is a Formulation Development Scientist II at Cephalon.

Sharon (Zdancewicz) Feiller (‘94 – BS) Worked as a process engineer with Fairchild semiconductor for 10 years. In 2006 she joined ExxonMobil Corporate Research Center in the position of Lab technician.

Elizabeth (Bullock) Queenan (‘94 – BS) Ph.D., Virginia Tech (2000); She is an Associate Scientific Infomration Analyst in Columbus State and an Adjunct Faculty.

Craig J. Thompson (‘94 – BS) He is a Quality Release Manager for Merck Manufacturing Division in West Point, PA. He has also recently received his Real Estate License and invests in real estate opportunities.

Brandi L. White (‘94 – BS) She is a Chemist 2 for the DEP Bureau of Laboratories.

Ted Elvhage (‘93 – BS BIOCHEM) He is a Business Angel, Investor in Swedish Med-Tech Startups.

Leslie A. (Petroff) Hepler (‘93 – BA) Physics Cert. '95; MA in Chemistry '97 (Bucknell University); She is a high school science teacher in the Millersburg Area School District (12 yrs now).

Anita K. (Meck) Martin (‘93 – BA) She is a Laboratory Supervisor at Chester Water Authority in Nottingham, PA.

Mary Ritchey (‘93 – BS BIOCHEM) MS, University of Maryland (1996); She is an Instructor of Chemistry at Penn State York, PA.

Jeffrey J. Smith (‘93 – BA) Masters of Education, Kutztown University (2002); He is a high school physical science/chemistry teacher in the Cornwall-Lebanon School District.

Christopher T. Cleet (‘92 – BA) MS, Environmental Science, Johns Hopkins; He is a Senior Manager for Environmental Affairs at Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) in Arlington, VA. He is the "resident chemist" and works with materials restrictions (mercury, lead, PCBs, PBDEs) issues for the high-tech industry as well as a lot of regulatory analysis.

Thomas J. Woody, Jr. (‘92 – BA) He is a Lead Investigator at Adhesives Research.

Christina L. (Krchnar) Brunn (‘91 – BA) ME in Integrated Technology, George Mason University (8/05); She is a teacher at Freedom High School in Woodbridge, VA. She helped her husband, Joe Brunn, design a virtual high school chemistry course based in authentic problem solving.

Suzanne M. Butler (‘91 – BS) She is a Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance person for Warner-Lambert Company.

Jennifer L. (Detrich) Jewson (‘91 – BS) MBA, Villanova University, 2001; Ph.D., University of Delaware; She is a Marketing Manager, C4 and C5 Olefins, for Lyondell Chemical Company.

James L. Ressler (‘91 – BS) He is a National Product Manager, Polyurethane/Rubber Release Agents, for Stoner, Inc. After 5 yrs as a R&D chemist he jumped to sales-selling products he developed or improved.


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