2010-2006 Graduates

2010-2006 Graduates


Erin Hyde ('09- BS CHEM) She is an Analytical Specialist at General Resonance LLC.

James McCaw (‘09 – BS CHEM) He is an Environmental Standards Quality Assurance Chemist.

Aaron Rathmell (‘08 – BS CHEM) Ph.D., Duke University (in progress).

Tamra Shelly (‘08 – BS CHEM) Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Physical Science from the University of Maine.  

Kristen Kahler (‘07 – BS CHEM) MS, Bucknell University-2009; She is an Associate Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park, NC. 

Anna (Jacobs) Totaro (‘07 – BS CHEM) She is a New Product Development Scientist at Armstrong World Industries, Floor Products.

Amber Brown-Schultz (‘07 – BS CHEM) She is working in Quality Control for Nutraceutical Life Sciences.

Anthony Pagan (‘07 – BS CHEM) He is currenlty working as a laboratory technician for Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, Columbia, PA.

Jennie Rohrbaugh ('07 BSE) She is a High School Chemistry teacher at Susquehannock High School.

Erin E. (Kirkpatrick) Eichfeld (‘06 – BS BIOCHEM) CNMT '07 from Lancaster General College of Health Sciences. She is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and she works full time at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon, PA.

Jason P. Waldo (‘06 – BS POLY) He is a Chemist at Polymeric Systems Inc. in Pheonixville, PA.

David S. Weinberger (‘06 – BS CHEM) MS in Chemistry, Villanova University; He is a Teaching Assistant at Villanova University.


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