University Supervisors


Spring 2014 Semester Calendar

Please note that departmental seminars are not included on this calendar.  For information about departmental seminars, please see your contact team member or department chair.

Cooperating Teacher Payroll Forms

Cooperating teachers have been asked to mail in their Cooperating Teacher Agreement and Payroll Form. 

Please check with the cooperating teachers to make sure they have sent their payroll forms to:
Student Teaching Office
Millersville University
PO Box 1002
Millersville, PA  17551

If a payroll form has been misplaced, please email for a new form.


After completing the online evaluation forms, please print and submit the original, signed hard-copies to Room 120, Stayer Hall.  Electronic copies sent via email as an attachment or scan will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT:  Signed and dated hard-copies are required for us to stay in compliance with PDE and NCATE guidelines.  Before submission to our office, please make sure the following is completed on each form:  

PDE 430: You and the student teacher have signed and dated the form. 

Supervisor MU Evaluation Form:  The student teacher has initialed the form and you have signed and dated the form.

Cooperating Teacher MU Evaluation Form:  Supervisors are responsible for submitting the cooperating teacher evaluations.  Even if the cooperating teacher has submitted an online evaluation, a hard-copy is still required.  Please make sure the student teacher has initialed the form and that the cooperating teacher has signed and dated the form.

Due dates are listed on the Semester Calendar.

Mileage Reimbursement

Online Travel Expense Voucher

Please submit your Mileage Reimbursement Forms monthly to Room 116, Stayer Hall.  Be sure to submit the original copy of your form.

University's regulation pertaining to the proper way to compute mileage:
"Employees who reside at a place other than official headquarters will not be eligible for reimbursement of transportation expenses between headquarters and residence.  When an employee is required to travel directly from residence to a work site other than the official headquarters, the distance from residence to work site, or headquarters to work site, whichever is shortest, will be used to compute mileage."

The Field Services Office is only authorized to reimburse supervisors for mileage accrued during the supervision of student teachers.  All other field experience mileage (i.e. early field experience) must be submitted to your department.

Observation Grade Form

Observation Grade Form

This record should be turned in to the Department Secretary at the end of the first half assignments.  For second half and full semester assignments, this sheet is due at the end of the semester.

Student Absence Form

Student Absence Form

This form should be submitted to Room 124, Stayer Hall, at least 5 days prior to the absence.  Forms must have the supervisor and cooperating teacher signatures in place before being submitted to the Student Teaching Office.

Student File Folders

Early Childhood/Special Education Supervisors:  Student file folders are to be forwarded to the student's second-half supervisor at the conclusion of the first-half assignment.  The Student Teaching Office will provide you with a list of assigned supervisors, along with a list of supervisor email addresses to help you with this task.

All Supervisors: Please remember that student file folders should be given to the student teachers at the end of the semester.