University Supervisors

Absence Forms

Student Absence Form

This form should be submitted to Room 123, Stayer Hall, at least 5 days prior to the absence.  Forms must have the supervisor and cooperating teacher signatures in place before being submitted to the Student Teaching Office.

Calendar - Spring 2015 Semester

Spring 2015 Semester Calendar

Please note that departmental seminars are not included on this calendar.  For information about departmental seminars, please see your contact team member or department chair.

Early Field Evaluation Access through OnBase

You may access your student teachers' early field evaluations through the OnBase System.  Please click on the links below for instructions on how to access these files:

1. Instructions for accessing OnBase

2. Instructions for downloading the OnBase App for your iPad

If you have trouble or questions about accessing OnBase please contact the Millersville Help Desk at (717) 871-2371.

Evaluations for Student Teaching


PDE 430: Complete this form online and print hardcopies for the Field Services Office and the student teacher.  Please make sure that you and the student teacher have signed and dated the form. Submit the original, signed hardcopies to Room 120, Stayer Hall.  Electronic copies sent via email as an attachment or scan will not be accepted.  Signed and dated hardcopies are required for us to stay in compliance with PDE and NCATE guidelines.

EMEE Supervisor MU Evaluation Form:  Complete this form online and provide a hardcopy to the student teacher.  A hardcopy is no longer required in the Field Services Office.

EMEE Cooperating Teacher MU Evaluation Form:  Cooperating teachers should complete this online and provide a hardcopy to their student teacher.  A hardcopy is no longer required in the Field Services Office.

Danielson Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Evaluation Form:  Please refer to the materials you received at the Supervisor Orientation Meeting for more information.  Or, contact Dr. John Ward at

DUE DATES for the Spring 2015 Semester evaluations can be found on the "DUE DATE CHART".  (Please click on the link).  This chart contains the due dates for the EMEE MU Evaluation Form, the EMEE Post Bacc Evaluation Forms and the Danielson Evaluation Forms.


Guides and Supplements

Mileage Reimbursement Policy and Forms

Online Travel Request Form

At the beginning of each semester be sure to complete a Travel Request Form and submit to Pam Via in Room 124 Stayer Hall.  The number on this form should be entered under "Travel Request #" on each of your travel vouchers.

Online Travel Expense Voucher

The Field Services Office is only authorized to reimburse supervisors for mileage accrued during the supervision of student teachers.  All other field experience mileage (i.e. early field experience) must be submitted to your department.

Please keep the following in mind when completing your travel voucher form for supervision of student teachers:
1.  Please complete your submissions online and print a hard-copy.  This not only makes the form easier to read but eliminates error since the online form will calculate your mileage and amount of reimbursement.
2.  Please list each destination on a seperate line on the voucher form.
3.  Be sure to include the dates and times of your travels.
4.  MU will pay for both your trip to a school site and your return trip however, MU can only pay you from the origin nearest to the school site; this would either be from MU or from your home.  This is regardless of your physical origin.  The same is true for your return trip.  EXAMPLE:  If you are travelling from Lebanon, PA and supervising in Solanco School District you may only claim the distance from MU to the school in Solanco School District and then back to MU.
5.  If you are visiting multiple sites in one day MU will pay you for the full distance between school sites.  Please arrange your schedule as efficiently as possible.

If your submission needs to be adjusted to conform to the MU standards, as set by PASSHE, you will be notified either by email or a phone call prior to your payment.

Please submit your Travel Voucher Forms monthly to Pam Via in Room 124, Stayer Hall.  Be sure to submit the original copy of your form with your signature.

Feel free to contact the Student Teaching Office if you have any questions.  Please email either or  You may also call (717) 871-5561.

Observation Dates / Grade Sheet

Observation Dates / Grade Sheet

This record should be turned in to the Department Secretary at the end of the first half assignments.  For second half and full semester assignments, this sheet is due at the end of the semester.  Additional forms are available in Room 123, Stayer Hall.

Observation Forms

The 3-part Observation Forms are being discontinued but we still have a large supply of the unlined forms. They can be found in Room 123, Stayer Hall.

Payroll Forms for Cooperating Teachers

Our cooperating teachers were sent Cooperating Teacher Packets which included payroll forms and a return envelope addressed to the Student Teaching Office.  Please check with your students' cooperating teacher to make sure they have submitted their payroll forms.  We are not able to pay the co-ops until the payroll form(s) have been received.

If payroll forms have been misplaced please have the cooperating teacher email for new forms.

If the return envelope has been misplaced payroll forms can be mailed to:

Student Teaching Office
Millersville University
PO Box 1002
Millersville, PA  17551


If you have questions please feel free to contact either:

Dr. Ellen Long, Director of Field Services
(717) 872-3681 (office)


Pam Via, Administrative Assistant for Student Teaching
(717) 871-5561 or