For Field Placement Classes

The Department of Field Services at Millersville University requires clearances to be on file prior to the start of semesters where any field experience occurs.  Clearances must be clear (no record) and valid (do not expire) for the entire semester during which there is a field experience.

Clearances are normally due late July for the fall semester and early January for the spring semester.  An email will be sent to your MU email address with the due date.  These due dates do not apply to student teacher candidates; student teachers will receive an email regarding their due dates. Students will be dropped from their field placement classes if clearances are not submitted on time.  Incomplete clearance packets will not be accepted.  Visit the F.A.Q.-Clearances page at right for additional information.

Updated clearances are not required prior to course registration.  Check the course's RED NOTES found in the MU Web Schedule and Registration Guide to determine if a course requires clearances.


VIEW 'how to submit clearances' below for instructions.



Winter Session 2021:

November 15, 2020

  • To be valid for Winter 2021 - clearances must be dated after January 18, 2020.
Spring 2021:

January 3, 2021 - Early Field Experience students and Fall 2021 Student Teachers

  • To be valid for Spring 2021 - clearances must be dated after May 9, 2020.  
  • To be valid for Fall 2021 - clearances must be dated after December 11, 2020.
  • Students are responsible for making sure the dates of the clearances being submitted are VALID for the semester/term in which they are taking a course with a field experience!  (See deadline information above.)  Clearances are received in Field Services throughout the semester/term and it is impossible for Field Services to know which semester/term they are for when first submitted.
  • Field Services will communicate through your MU email account if there is a question or concern regarding the documents submitted.
  • Save the PDF files of your Clearances to your computer for future reference!
  • Keep copies of your Clearances in a safe place.  You are required to take your Clearances with you to your field placement.



Beginning October 19, 2020:  Great news!  For your convenience, we’ve made the Clearance process easier.  You can now upload your updated Clearances through your MAX account.  Millersville University will no longer direct students to use CastleBranch for their Clearances.  However, if you have an active CastleBranch account, you will continue to have access to your account until it expires (one year from when you initially purchased it).


Revised 10/13/2020

  • UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS - What Clearances Do I Need?

    Clearance documents must be clear (no record).  Clearances are considered valid for one year from the 'Date of Issue' stated on the clearance, and must be valid (do not expire) for the entire semester during which there is a field experience.

    The following clearance documents are required for ALL Undergraduate students:

    • ACT 34 - PA State Police Criminal Background Check
    • ACT 114 - FBI Fingerprint Clearance (Federal Criminal History Background Check)
    • ACT 151 - PA Child Abuse History Certification (PA Child Abuse Clearance)
    • Negative TB Test (valid for 1 year) or Chest X-Ray (valid for 2 years)

    In addition - First Year Students, Sped Prof Block 1 students and Erch Prof Block 1 students ONLY (unless otherwise specified) are required to submit the following:

    • National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Verification Letter (valid for 5 years)

    Upload your clearance documents/PDF printouts to Field Services per the instructions. Keep all documents in your records for future reference.


    Option 1:

    Post Baccalaureate/Master’s Students EMPLOYED as a teacher-of-record or para-educator by:  

    a Public or Private School, or Child Care Center 

    Option 2:

    Post Baccalaureate/Master’s Students NOT employed by a school or child care center

    PDE 6004*   (current and updated every year)

    Act 34 Criminal Background Check

    Proof of Employment form*   (current and updated every semester)

    Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance

    Copies of your clearances on file with your district   (regardless of date)

    Act 114 Fingerprint Clearance

    National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Verification Letter if completing field in an Early Childcare Center


    Negative TB Test or Chest X-Ray


    National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Verification Letter if completing field in an Early Childcare Center

    *Forms are available below.

    Upload your clearance documents/PDF printouts to Field Services per the instructions. Keep all documents in your records for future reference.

  • How to Submit Clearances
    We cannot accept clearances by email.

    Beginning October 19, 2020 - All clearances will be submitted to the Department of Field Services through the MAX portal in your MU MAX account.  

    It is recommended that complete clearance packets be submitted in PDF format. 

    Processing Time:

    Allow up to 5 business days for our office to review and process submitted clearance documents.  Please note that processing times may increase during periods of high volume.

    HOW TO SUBMIT CLEARANCES THROUGH your MAX account (Beginning 10/19/2020):
    1. Login to your MU MAX account MU Logins and Services Directory
      • Select ‘Student Services’ 
      • Select ‘Student Academic Records’ 
      • Select ‘Submit Security Clearances’. 
    2. Read the ‘Summary of Security Clearances’ carefully for important information!
    3. Click ‘Submit Clearances Here!’ to begin.
    4. Follow the instructions on the form. When all documents (pdf format preferred) have been attached for upload, click the red ‘SUBMIT to Millersville University – Dept of Field Services’ button at the bottom of the screen.  Documents are NOT submitted until this button has been clicked.
    5. You will be directed to the ‘Clearance Documents Submitted Successfully’ message if correctly submitted.
    Once Field Services has reviewed your clearance documents, your Degree Audit will be updated and the ‘Dates of Issue’ information will be updated and available for your review in your MAX account.
    • Please note that the review process may take several business days, depending on the time of year. 
    You may check your MAX account at any time to see the ‘Dates of Issue’ of the clearance documents on file with Field Services.
    additional information:
    • Field Services will communicate through your MU email account if there is a question or concern regarding the documents submitted.
    • Keep copies of your clearance documents in a safe place.  You may be required to take your documents with you to your field placement.

    Please contact us at or 717-871-5752 with any questions or concerns.


    How To Submit Security Clearances - Detailed Guide

  • What Do I Do if I Have an Infraction ?

    If you find you have an infraction on one or more of your clearances, email to set up an appointment with the Director of Field Services to determine your eligibility for participation in field placements.  




  • F.A.Q. - Clearances
    Have more questions?

    Additional questions surrounding clearances and clearance documents required for field experiences are answered on our Clearances - Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • ACT 34 - PA Criminal Background Clearance Instructions
    $22 Fee

    ACT 34 - PA Criminal Background Check

    1. Apply online at
    2. Click 'Submit a New Record Check' button.
    3. Select Individual Request.
    4. Enter your information and follow prompts on screen. Please Note: Choose “Employment” for reason you are obtaining the clearance. (It cannot be a clearance obtained for volunteer purposes.)
    5. When completed, click on the 'Certification Form' button and print the results page with the state seal watermark.
    6. Upload a copy/pdf of the clearance to your MAX account as part of your clearance packet. Keep a copy for your records.
  • ACT 114 - FBI Fingerprint Clearance Instructions
    $23.85 Fee

    ** This is a TWO STEP process - Make sure you leave enough time to complete BOTH steps prior to the Clearance Deadline date! **

    1. Apply online at This takes you directly to the IdentoGO website where you can register for fingerprinting, manage your appointment, and view fingerprinting locations.
    2. Enter the Service Code: 1KG6RT. This should take you to the “Pennsylvania PDE-Colleges/Universities Teacher Education Program” page.
    3. Select “Schedule or Manage Appointment” and fill out the information appropriately. You can get fingerprinted weekdays at Millersville University (the choice is yours).  Follow the instructions in the Detailed Guide below.
    4. Print your receipt that has your UE ID number on it.
    5. After registering, get fingerprinted at an “Official IdentoGO Enrollment Center” (locations can be found on the link in step 1). You will pay at the location, not online.
    6. After you have been fingerprinted, you will receive an Enrollment Receipt with your UEID number.
    7. Upload the Enrollment Receipt from your appointment through the MAX account portal.   You do not need to wait for the unofficial result to show in your account to upload this receipt.
    STEP TWO - ACT 114 Results:
    1. When you receive your 'Unofficial Results', upload through your MAX account portal and keep the original in your records.  BOTH pages of the 'Unofficial Results' letter must be submitted for upload.
    2. IMPORTANT NOTE:   ** Result Access is Limited! **  You will only have 30 DAYS to access your results.  When you receive the email notification from IdentoGO that your clearance is available, wait to access your account from a computer you can save/print from.
      • You may only view and save/print your clearance ONCE for a limited amount of time. Make sure you are ready to save and print when you view your results. You will not be able to access it again - the link expires 30 days after you receive the email.

    Act 114 Application - detailed guide


  • ACT 151 - PA Child Abuse Clearance Instructions
    $13 Fee
    1. Apply online at
    2. Set up an account to apply for your ACT 151 online. Choose: 'Employee governed by the public school code' as the reason you are obtaining the clearance.
    3. Check your account daily to see if your clearance is available (It could take up to 2 weeks before your clearance is available).
    4. Upload your clearance document or pdf through your MAX account portal.  Keep in your records.

    NOTE: If you happen to lose the original, you can log into your account and reprint the clearance for 6 months following the date of creation.

    Act 151 Application - DETAILED GUIDE

  • TB Test - Instructions
    Fee Varies - $15 at MU Health Services

    TB Test results take 48-72 hours to obtain.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave your healthcare facility with your TB test results written on a doctor's script note or letterhead.

    Results must include:

    • The date the test was administered  
    • The date it was read and the results of the test
    • An authorized signature.

    Chest X-Rays are the only clearance/test that is good for two (2) years.

    To obtain a TB Test:

    1. Make an appointment at the provider of your choice.  Possible options include:
      • MU Health Services provides TB testing. You must make an appointment in order to have a TB test administered. Please see the Health Services website for contact information:
      • Private Healthcare Provider/Express Health Service (UrgentCare, MedExpress, Lancaster General Health Express, CVS, etc.)
      • Your healthcare provider
    2. Return to the facility for a reading of the TB test within 48-72 hours
    3. Upload the results (see above for required information) through your MAX account portal and keep the original in your records.
  • National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Verification Letter - Instructions
    No Fee

    Required for First Year Students, Sped Prof Block 1 and Erch Prof Block 1 students ONLY

    ** May take 4 weeks or more to arrive!  Plan accordingly!! ** 

    1. Download the application from the DHS website at
    2. Complete the application – select ‘Volunteer’ as the reason for the request.
    3. Submit the application to DHS following one of the options listed on the application.
    4. Once your application is received by DHS, it takes 14 days to process, plus mailing time, for you to receive the NSOR Verification Letter.
    5. Upload the results through your MAX account portal and keep in your records. Keep with your clearance documents.
    6. The NSOR Versification Letter is valid for 5 years.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be prepared to show the NSOR Verification Letter to your field placement location.  You may be turned away without it.

  • PDE 6004 & Proof Of Employment Forms
    No Fee

    PDE 6004 - Arrest and Conviction Form - Submit yearly, must be valid (not to expire) for the entire semester. 

    Proof of Employment Form - Must be submitted every semester by clearance deadline.


    Keep a copy of the completed forms with your clearance documents for your records.