For Field Placement Classes

The Department of Field Services at Millersville University requires clearances to be on file prior to the start of semesters where (1) any field experience occurs or (2) students are working with minors in any capacity.

  • Clearances must be clear (no record) and valid (do not expire) for the entire semester during which there is a field experience.
  • Student Teacher deadlines are earlier than other field placements. 
  • Submit 'Complete Clearance Packets' ONLY through MAX. 
    • 'Complete Clearance Packets' are required to participate in field placements. 
      • See below for what is considered a 'Complete Clearance Packet'.
    • Chrome is the preferred browser.
  • Students may be dropped from any courses requiring clearances if clearance packet is incomplete or invalid.
  • Social Work Students - To verify if you are registered for a course that requires Education clearances, see the course listing links in the 'Clearance Deadlines' table. Clearances for these courses must meet the requirements outlined. 
  • Visit the Clearances FAQ page for additional information. 

CLEARANCE Deadlines:

Clearances must be valid to participate in courses with a field experience.  Otherwise, student may be dropped from the course.  Clearance deadlines for each session are listed below.

***  NOTICE:  The Clearance Portal will be closed after the deadline date.  ***

Early Field Students:

Winter 2023
  • DUE:  November 15, 2022  -  clearances must be dated on or after January 15, 2022.
  • The following courses require clearances: 
    • CRN - 10750 EDFN 545.50A
    • CRN - 11032 WELL 240.50

Spring 2023

  • DUE:  January 3, 2023  -  clearances must be dated on or after May 6, 2022.
  • To view a list of courses that require clearances for the Spring 2023 semester click here. 



Spring 2023
  • PAST DUE - contact Field Services. 
Fall 2023
  • DUE: January 3, 2023 - clearances must be dated on or after December 10, 2022.
Clearance Process notes:
  • Field Services will communicate through your MU email account if there is a question or concern regarding the documents submitted.
  • During times of high volume, phone/email response time and clearance processing may be delayed.  We thank you for your understanding.
  • Field Services cannot accept hard copies of clearance documents or documents through email.
  • Check your MAX account:
    • Students are responsible for making sure the dates of the clearances being submitted are VALID and their clearance packet is complete for the semester/term in which they are taking a course with a field experience!  (See deadline information above.) 
    • You may view the 'Dates of Issue' of your documents on file at any time.
    • Clearances are received in Field Services throughout the semester/term and it is impossible for Field Services to know which semester/term they are for when first submitted. 
  • Save the PDF files of your clearances to your computer for future reference!
  • Keep copies of your clearances in a safe place.  You are required to take your clearances with you to your field placement.

Revised 9/2022