Advanced Professional Studies - APS

  1. All students must submit an Application for Admission to APS when they have met the criteria listed below.
  2. Candidates who meet all APS criteria detailed below and who have completed an application will be formally admitted and may register for APS courses.
  3. Apply online.
  4. Allow 5 business days for processing!  Your application may take up to five business days to process - apply at least 5 business days before registration begins to ensure that you do not miss your registration time slot.
  5. GPA and testing requirements are not appealable.
  6. If you are in-progress to earn 48 credits or complete pre-requisite courses, or need a concurrent course appeal, please complete the APS form and check the box to be considered for an appeal.
  7. Students will receive an email from Field Services after their application has been processed.

What is APS?

The PA Department of Education (PDE) mandates all teacher certification candidates meet certain criteria.

Millersville University has adopted the Advanced Professional Status (APS) requirements in order to meet those mandates and be a state approved teacher education program that successfully leads students to certification in the state of Pennsylvania.

Advanced Professional Studies (APS) status is required in order to register for Advanced Professional courses.

Millersville University APS Policy - Effective Fall 2015 (Amended 10/2020)



ACT 126 -  Educator Ethics Training (Effective 1/15/2020)

ACT 126 – Educator Ethics Training is available on the Department of Education's SAS Portal and must be completed prior to submitting your APS application. 

Students who do not have a SAS account, must first register for an account by visiting PDE SAS. To register for and view the course, students must log into the SAS PDE Center. A brief assessment will be given at the end of the course.

All students will receive a certificate of completion. Keep a copy of your certificate to submit with your APS application.  The ACT 126 - Educators Ethics Training certificate of completion must be included with your application or your application will not considered complete and will not be processed.


BSE APS Requirements
A minimum of 48 credits in-progress
Cumulative GPA of 3.0; GPA of 2.8-2.99 requires higher test scores on Content Area Tests for Certification*
Pass one of the FIVE Pre-Service Testing Options*
Effective 1/15/20 - ACT 126 Educator Ethics Training certificate of completion
Pass 1 English Composition Course
Pass 1 English Literature Course
Pass 2 Mathematics Courses (100+ Level)
Pass Foundations courses (EDFN211/241) & receive a Favorable Faculty Recommendation

 * Requirement not appealable

 Post-Baccalaureate APS Requirements
A minimum of 3 credits
Cumulative GPA of 3.0; TCAT admits must complete TCAT requirements for admission
Effective 1/15/20 - ACT 126 Educator Ethics Training certificate of completion
Pass Foundations courses (EDFN590/545) and/or receive Favorable Faculty Recommendations from other coursework as designated