Intern Teacher Certification

Utilization of the Program

Intern Teacher Certification

The intern teacher certification program at Millersville University is reserved almost exclusively for two categories of students. First, persons who are already teaching in private schools without a standard instructional certificate are seen as appropriate candidates for this program. Their admission to this program permits the use of their employment setting to fulfill field placement requirements. Second, school districts are sometimes very desirous of employing certain uncertified individuals for very specific reasons. Inclusion in the intern program makes such arrangements possible.

For additional information, contact the PA Department of Education.

Admission to the Program

The prospective student must first apply to the Graduate Studies Office. This application seeks admission to Millersville University as a post-baccalaureate certification student (see Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program). The University's receipt of the appropriate materials sets in motion the process of reviewing the candidate's credentials and determining the sequenced requirements which must be met for recommendation for acceptance into the program and for certification. This review process is done on an individual basis. If the student is offered admission and decides to enroll, he/she is admitted as a regular post-baccalaureate certification student--not a teacher intern.

Several additional requirements must be met before the student may become a teacher intern, a special category of post-baccalaureate certification student. First, the student must enroll at Millersville University and take at least two courses. Millersville faculty need to become acquainted with the student before considering intern status. Second, the student must take and pass the standardized tests which are mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (The appropriate Specialty Area test required for certification). Third, upon notice by the student that he/she has an opportunity for employment as a teacher in the area where certification is being pursued; submitted on District letterhead to the University from the administration of the employing school; the Certification Office at Millersville will review the materials, render a decision of possible acceptance into the Intern Program, and prepare a letter verifying eligibility for intern status. Fourth, at this point the Certification Office may apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the issuance of an intern teaching certificate.

Fulfillment of the Program

In fulfilling the program the student must complete the courses and field assignments as listed on the individual requirement sheet produced through the review of credentials. All courses listed thereon must be completed. The student teaching assignment will be undertaken as early in the program as possible. This assignment may be in the place of employment where the intern certificate is being used. The university student teaching supervisor will be assigned to the intern student. That university supervisor will conduct at least the university required minimum number of classroom observations and conferences indicated for student teaching supervision. The university supervisor will be available for student-initiated contacts. Since the intern teacher has no cooperating teacher for support, the university supervisor is aware that the intern teacher might require more attention and support than might otherwise be indicated.

Completion of the Program

When all program requirements have been met and the official report of passing scores in the Praxis standardized tests is in the Certification Office at Millersville University, applications initiated by the candidate for the Instructional I certificate will be processed from the Certification Office at Millersville to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (see Applying For Your Certificate).