Early Field Experiences


The Early Field Experiences (EFE) office is located within the Department of Field Services.

The role of EFE is to provide teacher candidates with the required field experiences necessary, prior to student teaching, for teacher certification.  Field experiences are placements in which candidates may observe and facilitate teaching practices in both private and public school systems.  We partner with schools in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, and occasionally Berks and Chester counties. 

An overview of the Department of Field Services, including the Placement Policy, is available on the Field Services home page in both A Guide for Field Experiences and the FAQ-Field Services.  Students are responsible for this information.  Visit:  Department of Field Services-Home

Important information regarding field experiences is discussed during the first few weeks of each academic semester during classroom visits and is available in the Department of Field Services office.  Placements are distributed by the EFE office in advance of field placements during each semester.  Additional information is available in the Field Services office, Stayer Hall, Room 120.

Students:  For forms and general information, please see 'Student Information' located in the directory on the right.                                                                                                                                                                    


Revised 01/2022
  • Placement Policy and Field Experience Expectations

    Additional information is provided in 'A Guide For Field Experiences'. Topics covered in A Guide for Field Experiences include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Clearances
    • Placement Policy and Process
    • Conflict of Interest information (Family Members in Schools)
    • General Field Experience Polices for both Early Field Experiences and Student Teaching
    • Professional Conduct Expectations - Teacher Candidates are expected to follow the 'Professional Conduct' guidelines as outlined in 'A Guide for Field Experiences' as well as to adhere to the procedures and policies of the School District or Educational Partner they are visiting.
    • Early Field Experience general expectations and responsibilities
    • Student Teaching guidelines, deadlines, policies, certification and more

    All Education majors are encouraged to review, and refer back to, A Guide for Field Experiences often whenever they prepare for a field experience placement.

  • Clearances and Clearances Information

    Clearances are required to participate in field experiences.  Information is available on the Clearances Home Page, including - but not limited to - the following:

    • Clearance Requirements
    • Instructions on how to Obtain and Submit Clearances,
    • Clearance Deadlines
    • and more!

    All Education Majors are encouraged to review, and refer back to, the Clearances Home Page often for updates and new information.