Student Information

Early Field Experiences

Early Field Experiences (EFE) are designed by the program departments to provide multi-cultural exposure for our teacher candidates in a variety of settings (urban, suburban and rural).  This exposure meets PDE and program requirements through specific University courses within a number of education majors.  Expectations for Early Field Experiences are established, and later evaluated, by the instructor of the course.  Field experiences are coordinated through the Department of Field Services.  

In order to participate in field experiences, all students are required to maintain updated clearances on file in the Department of Field Services.  Clearances include the ACT 34, ACT 151 Child Abuse, FBI Fingerprinting and Negative TB Test.  Clearances Information for Field Placement  

IMPORTANT:  First Year Students, Special Education Professional Block 1 and Early Childhood Professional Block 1 students are also required to obtain the National Sex Offender Registry Verification Letter (NSOR).  See the Clearances Information for Field Placement link above. 

Additional overview information regarding Advanced Professional Studies (APS), Certification Testing, Placement Policy, Transportation and more can be found in both A Guide for Field Experiences and the FAQ-Field Services found on the Department of Field Services home page.  

Students are responsible for the information provided in 'A Guide For Field Experiences'.  Students are expected to follow the 'Professional Conduct' guidelines as outlined in 'A Guide for Field Experiences' as well as to adhere to the procedures and policies of the School District or Educational Partner they are visiting.

For more information, visit:  Dept. of Field Services - home


Revised:  9/2021