Welcome to Teacher Certification


The Certification Office in the Department of Field Services works with students throughout their journey to becoming a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania.  As such, the office handles many functions, including:

  • Advanced Professional Studies (APS) 
  • Certification
  • Clearance Collection for Field Placements

Advanced Professional Studies (APS) status is a milestone requirement necessary for all education students.  Millersville University has adopted the Advanced Professional Status (APS) requirements in order to meet Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) mandates and be a state approved teacher education program that successfully leads students to certification in the state of Pennsylvania.

Advanced Professional Studies (APS) status is required in order to register for Advanced Professional courses.

At the end of the program, the office once again reviews students' records to ensure PDE certification requirements are met and recommends students to PDE for certification.

In addition, the office oversees the clearance collection process necessary for students to partake in field placements.

More information can be found on the Certification FAQ page and throughout the Field Services web site.  See the navigation list at right.


Revised 12/17/2020