Testing Information

Certification Testing and Registration Information

Due to the current health crisis, visit the Praxis and PAPA websites for more in-depth information.

Pennsylvania requires assessment of all candidates in basic skills, general knowledge, professional knowledge and subject area knowledge before a certificate may be issued.


New Special Education PK-12 Certification

Information can be found on PDE's website here: Certification Testing (pa.gov) 

Revised: 4/7/2021

  • Basic Skills or Pre-Service Tests
    Needed for APS

    Visit the APS Home Page for the most current information regarding testing requirements.


    • Basic Skills or Pre-Service Tests and Score Requirements 
    • If you are unable to use your SAT or ACT scores, you will need to take the PAPA or the Praxis tests.
    • Both companies offer a free practice test as well as a guidebook for what types of questions are on the test.  If you need additional practice, they also supply tests for a fee.
    • Both companies offer a fee wavier, but there are conditions and deadlines. 
  • Content Area Tests
    Needed For Certification

    Certification Tests and Score Requirements are available on the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) website.  The link below will re-direct you to the PDE Certification Testing Requirements website.  Select #3 in the list.  Select the appropriate tab within the document for your particular certification area.


    • minimum GPA of 2.8 or greater is required - higher test scores are needed when the GPA is a 2.8 - 2.99. Lower test scores are accepted with a GPA of 3.01 or higher. For GPA equaling 3.0 see PDE's document above.
    • If you pass by GPA, score reports will always reflect 'Not Passed'. PDE will review your GPA and score report after you are recommended for certification by MU.
    • The GPA sliding scale does not apply to add-ons. 
    • For information regarding Qualifying Test Scores as related to GPA, view the appropriate column in the document above (PDE Certification Tests and Score Requirements and GPA Sliding Scale).  
  • Registration Instructions

    Registration information and instructions for the following are available on the Registration Instructions Home Page.

    • General Registration Instructions for ALL Tests
    • Specific Information relating to the following:
      • Persons Receiving their FIRST PA Instructional Certificate
      • Persons being Certified in MORE THAN ONE Certification Area
      • Persons ADDING an Area of Certification to a Current Certificate
  • Testing Help

    For Praxis tests-Go to the Preparation Materials web page.  There is a free study companion and an interactive test available for $19.95.

    Mometrix also offers a short free practice test for the Praxis tests.

    In addition, Khan Academy offers free test preparation materials for the Praxis Core tests.

    For PAPA tests-Go to the Practice Tests web page.  There is a free practice test and an interactive test available for $17.50.