Applying for Certification


The information below outlines The 6 Steps to Certification Millersville University students pursuing a Pennsylvania teaching certificate will follow immediately prior to and during Student Teaching.  

Note: For Endorsement Students 


General timeline for certification:

Before - Prior to, or at the start of, Student Teaching

  • Take Content Area Tests (this is only a recommendation) - You do not need to take the tests in order to student teach, you may take the tests after you student teach.
  • Coursework completion - Make sure your Degree Audit is complete with the exception of Student Teaching.  


  • Register for your TIMS account, which will generate your PPID Number.
  • Fill out the MU Request to Recommend form.  This form includes important information needed to recommend you to PDE for certification.

End of Semester - After either May 1st or December 1st

  • Take the Student Teacher Survey.
  • Submit the TIMS application.

After the End of Semester - After final grades have been issued

  • Student degree is awarded by Millersville University.
  • Millersville University recommends student to PDE (provided all requirements have been met).
  • A 'Verification of Completion' letter is issued to the student (provided the MU Request for Recommendation form has been completed).  
    • Scroll down to the items following 'The 6 Steps to Certification' below for additional information regarding:
      • Applying for jobs - prior to the end of the semester
      • Job Offer - prior to the end of the semester
      • 'Verification of Completion' Letter - sent to student AFTER recommendation to PDE is made. 


Revised 9/2022