Cooperating Teachers

Welcome Cooperating Teachers

Your participation, time and commitment to our teacher education program is greatly appreciated. We value your partnership with us!

Please contact your principal if you wish to sign up to be a cooperating teacher for the Spring 2017 semester!

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Guide for Student Teaching & Supplements

A Guide for Student Teaching (Revised November 2016) 

Supplement for A Guide for Student Teaching 
(This link includes access to the Teacher Work Sample for Early Childhood, Middle Level and Special Education)

MU Adapted Danielson Evaluation - (MUAD Evaluation)

Please click here for full instructions for completing the MU Adaped Danielson Evaluation. If you experience trouble logging into the system, please contact Pam Via at (717) 871-5561 or

For all other questions reqarding evaluations, please contact Dr. John Ward at (717) 872-7360.  Dr. Ward can also be reached by emailing

Useful Tools for Completing MUAD Evaluation

  • MU Adapted Danielson Formative Observation Instrument - Recommended for use by cooperating teachers and university supervisors for individual observations.  This document should be used along with the MU Adapted Danielson Rubric for providing formative feedback.

  • MU Adapted Danielson Rubric - This document provides specific descriptions of criteria.  Use the rubric when completing both the MU Adapted Danielson Formative Observation Instrument and MU Adapted Danielson Formal Evaluation.

  • Mock - online MU Adapted Danielson Formal Evaluation - This mock-up is provided to give cooperating teachers and university supervisors a clear picture of the form they will complete online for formal evaluations.  It has the same elements as the formative observation instrument and four text boxes where narrative explanations should be entered for the four domains (Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction, Professional Responsibilities).  Please note that the ratings available for student teachers are Unsatisfactory, Basic, and Proficient.