Information for Parents

General Information

Welcome to the Millersville University Center for Counseling and Human Development's Parents' Page. The Counseling Center devotes a page to concerns of parents and other family members because college is a big step for everyone involved.

This page is dedicated to providing you with information that relates to the transitions students and families face when children leave for college.

If you think your child has an emotional or psychological concern, please encourage him or her to call the Counseling Center to set up an appointment to meet with one of our psychologists.  Also, take a moment to read our Notice of Privacy Practices.  Services offered at the Counseling Center are free, professional and confidential.

Easing the Transition

Resources for you and your student:

Transition Year

Journey of Letting Go

Preparing to Leave for College

Also, learn how and where to refer your child for help, if needed. Better yet, encourage him or her to seek out the help they need. It is a good idea for students to get to know their professors, their faculty advisers, and their resident advisers. There are individuals and offices on campus to handle just about any student need or problem.

If you have concerns about your son or daughter and want to talk with someone on campus, keep in mind the following resources:

  • Student Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Financial Aid
  • Health Services
  • Intramurals & Recreation
  • University Police