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Field Services

FREE PAPA Prep Course

FREE for Millersville Teacher Certification Students

PAPA Prep through Pearson's Student Success MyFoundation Course

This course is designed specifically to prepare students to pass the PAPA test required for teacher certification by the state of PA. The course consists of both diagnostic and preparatory tools in order to identify areas for improvement and help ensure success on the next PAPA attempt.

Important information you will need to register as a student:

  • Email address = your personal email address

  • Course ID = (printed on your score report) systemofhighereducation21891

  • Access Code = You must complete the PAPA Prep Registration Form in order to get the Access Code 

  • If you have questions regarding this resource or other testing questions, please contact the Pre-Service Testing Assistant for the School of Education in the Certification Office (717)871-7362 or

Other Resources for test takers:

  • Pearson has released a full-length computer based PAPA practice test for each of the three modules. The practice tests contain the same type and number of questions as can be found on an actual test, as well as any applicable reference materials (e.g., math formulas page). These practice tests contain test directions similar to what candidates will see on the day of the test. The fee based Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment practice test is available on the Pearson website. You can access the test at:

  • Various area Community Colleges offer testing assistance through course instruction.  Visit Butler Community College for a sample of these Test-Help Course:  Please be advised that these courses do include a course fee.

Click here for a PDF of the full Pre-Service Testing Resource Guide


Field Services department encompasses Early Field Experience, Student Teaching, Advanced Professional Studies (APS), and Certification. We are located within the School of Education in the Stayer Building Room 120. The office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Here to assist you is:

  • Dr. Ellen Long, Director of Field Services and Associate Professor of Special Education/Department of Education Foundations

  • Dr. John Ward, Interim Associate Dean of Education and Certification Officer

  • Trish McEvoy, Certification Administrative Assistant and APS contact

  • Cassandra Kesselman, Early Field Experience, Administrative Assistant

  • Pam Via, Student Teaching Administrative Assistant