Global Service Learning Opportunities

Global Service Learning Opportunities

Global Service Learning Opportunities

7 Reasons to Internationalize:

1.    Consistent with social work’s history

2.    Global society

3.    Increases self-awareness about values and abilities

4.    Teaches flexibility and adaptation to change

5.    Advances human rights and social economic justice

6.    Promotes ethical engagement

7.    Prepares for working with diverse populations


A Global Citizen….

1.    Is aware of the world

2.    Has a sense of personal role in the world

3.    Respects and values diversity

4.    Understands how the world works

5.    Is outraged by social injustice

6.    Engages in the community

7.    Takes action

8.    Takes personal responsibility

(Oxfam, n.d.)

International Undergraduate Senior Field Placements

Cape Town, South Africa

BSW SOWK 401, 402

Social Work majors are able to complete their senior field placement abroad during their last semester at Millersville. Social Workers fulfill the Department of Social Work's requirements for their senior placement and take MU courses while conducting their placement in an international location. Students are able to gain professional hands on experience by working with grassroots and/or support organizations. Students are able to mantain contact with their Field Liason through email, D2L, and Skype throughout this 12 week experience. For more information, click here.

Check out Kelsea, as she completes her Senior Field Placement at Beautiful Gate Children's Home!

Faculty Led Courses Abroad

Cape Town, South Africa


Spend 10 days in Cape Town, South Africa completing a service learning component of the course. The class will meet face-to-face before and after the international experience.

Graduate & Undergraduate Students Study Abroad in South Africa, 2014

International Excursions

International excursions were created with a mission to provide students, facilty, and the community with opportunities to engage in social change efforts on a global level, working along side NGOs with the the opportunity to earn college credit.


Upcoming for international excursions includes a service learning trip to Northern Ireland where students will accompany faculty to bring about social change working with at risk youth.

Recent International Excursions:

The Social Work Department offers a Social Well-Being course which in corporates an optional immersion during Spring Break (accompanied by faculty) in lieu of domestic service learning component required for the course. Recent international excursions include a trip to Quito, Ecudaor where students were accompanied by professors and recieved course credit for SOWK 314. Students are currently working on a creative video to share of their experience abroad. Stay tuned! 

Domestic Excursions

Course Integrated Service Learning and Community- Based Events

Traditional Study Abroad

There are also several opportunities for a traditional study abroad experience in various countries to complete courses at a university in the chosen country. The best time to complete this type of international experience would be during the sophomore year (prior to beginning social work practice sequence courses. The Social Work Department will work with the Office of Global Education and be a part of your study abroad experience.

Office of Global Education