Power Outage

Power is coming back to much of campus, however, Internet and Outlook service is spotty.  Classes are being held at professors' discretion.    PPL and Millersville University are working on the problem. Dining services reports Upper Deck has Continental style meals and North Side Bistro and Cove have full service. Marauder Express has breakfast sandwiches outside Gordinier.

Career Fair Preparation

Preparing For a Career Fair

The impression that you make during your initial contact at a graduate school, job or internship fair does impact the recruiter's interest in taking the next step with your application.  You want to present yourself as a professional who looks the part as a entry-level professional, whose resume is targeted toward the organizations you are planing to meet; who has researched the employer and is prepared to answer questions about yourself and experiences; and is prepared to ask questions that shows you researched the company and job opportunities.

Guidelines to help you prepare for a job fair (PDF)

The following three UTube Videos are part of a Digital Media/Job Fair Orientation projects that were produce by Shippensburg University Students. 

Video 1: How to Prepare For a Career Fair
Project developers: Wes Bernstein, Aishah Aljahdali, Sara Al Uraifi

How To Prepare for A Fair

vVideo 2: Career Fair Employers Prespective
Project developers: Rachel Bryson, Simon Neubauer

Career Fair Employer Insights

Video 3: Interactive Video "Day in the Life...": Question & Answer regarding Job Fair 101
Project developers: Kathryn Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Stiles

Interactive Video Job Fair 101