Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started looking for an internship/co-op?

All students must begin with an orientation. An online orientation is available on our website and students should complete it and follow the instructions! If you found an internship on your own, you are still required to complete the orientation. If you have already completed an internship with our office and are seeking another opportunity, it is not necessary to complete the orientation twice.

Why is there so much paperwork/Why do I have to keep coming to your office/Why can't I do all of this online?

We have really tried to simplify the process as much as we can, and put as much as is appropriate online. There is a lot you can do online, such as the orientation, job searching on MU CareerConnection and asking questions, sending information and getting referrals by e-mail. BUT, this is both an academic and professional experience, so there's going to be some legwork involved.

  1. We need to receive your academic department's approval, and right now that has to be done manually - there's no existing online alternative that the university uses at this time.
  2. We need to see, meet, and talk with you in order to work effectively with you on your job search and preparation. Most students need advice and assistance with résumés; some students need assistance with interviews, and others need guidance on what type of job is appropriate, etc. We try to make sure you are prepared, and that, quite frankly, you'll represent yourself and the university well.
  3. You need to register for the credits, and that requires that we confirm your employer and job description, as well as other job information, in person; that we sign off on your placement; that you are assigned a faculty supervisor, and that the appropriate approvals go to the Registrar's office. We're responsible for making sure that everything is on the up-and-up and complete. In order to accomplish that, we need to see you in person for a registration session.

If you are working full-time out-of-town, or otherwise away from campus for an extended period of time, we will do our best to be flexible in working with you on these steps, but situations that truly warrant exceptions are very rare.

Can I turn a current job into an internship/co-op and earn credits?

If you find an internship on your own or have a current job that you feel qualifies as academically-related to your major, it can be considered for an internship/co-op. You must have a job description from your employer, and your department's coordinator must approve it. Bring the approved job description to the Internship Office to sign up for registration of the credits. Even if you find your internship on your own, you still must complete the online orientation - it has information you need to know.

Do I have to do a résumé if I found my own internship?

No; in that case, a résumé does not have to be completed or uploaded into MU CareerConnection.

I did an internship last semester but didn't register it with the university and now I would like to receive credit for it. Is this possible?

No; students have faculty supervision during their internships/co-ops, so credits can not be awarded after the internship is complete. The university does not permit us to award retroactive credits.

I don't want to register for credits. Can I still use MU CareerConnection?

No; positions listed on MU CareerConnection are for students looking to earn credit for their experience. If you do not wish to earn credits, you may find a position on your own. This can be accomplished by talking with friends and family for contacts and using the internet to research places where you might want to intern. The experience WILL NOT go on your transcript. You may also consider informing your employer that you are completing an internship independently, as many employers require students to earn credit and accountability. Students are encouraged to complete all internship experiences for academic credit.

MU CareerConnection will not accept my résumé when I upload it. What is wrong?

If you created your résumé using a Mac, MU CareerConnection may not accept it as a Word document. Contact the Internship Office for assistance in uploading your résumé.

I need only one credit to graduate. Can I do an internship/co-op for one credit?

No; the minimum number of credits that an internship/co-op can receive is three. You should see your department's coordinator or your advisor to discuss your options.

Can my internship/co-op be worth more than 3 credits?

Although most internships receive three credits, including most full-time, summer internships, the department coordinator will make the final decision on the number of credits a student will receive for their internship/co-op. If there is a particular component of the internship that is extraordinary, additional credits may sometimes be awarded, but it is the exception, not the rule.

When is the latest I can register my summer internship?

Summer Internships must be registered within 3 weeks of the end of the Spring semester! All internships are registered for a "special" SUMMER 1 session which runs approximately 12-14 weeks so all internships must be registered during this deadline. Internships are not like registering for a summer class that you only attend 5 weeks - it must be completed for at least 10 weeks and you must complete 225 hours if you are working part-time or 450 hours if you are working full-time during these 10-12 weeks. Again, the duration of the internship must be a minimum of 10 weeks. You cannot register an internship for a shorter time period, even if you are working full-time for 6 weeks, for example, and would complete the 225 hours!

I want to stay at my current internship for another semester. Can I register for more credits?

You can do an internship at the same place for more than one semester, but you do need to provide the Internship Office with a new job description showing that you are accepting more responsibility for the second internship. You will receive credit for a 400-level course for your second internship, and 500-level credit for a third and subsequent internships.

I went on MU CareerConnection and found some jobs I am interested in. What do I do now?

Call or e-mail the Internship Office to schedule an appointment with the Graduate Assistant to go over these jobs. The GA will tell you a little more about each position and the company it is with as well as assist you with any other requirements to apply for the position, such as writing samples, application, references, etc.

I met with the Graduate Assistant and had my résumé sent out to companies, but no one has called me. What should I do?

Call or e-mail the Internship Office to receive a referral list of all the places your résumé was sent. This listing will have the names and phone numbers of our contacts for you to call and follow up on your résumé. For tips on the follow-up call, go to our student page, and click on the "Follow up call suggestions" document link.

I attended the registration session with the Internship Office and took the registration form to my department's coordinator, but the credits are still not showing up on my DARS. What should I do?

Typically, the registration form takes 10 days to 2 weeks to go through your academic department and on to the Dean's Office before it is registered with the Registrar. If your registration was over 2 weeks ago and it is still not showing on your DARS, don't worry, but do call the Internship Office or your academic department office to help find out when it will be registered. Do NOT wait until the semester is over and/or grades have been assigned to find out that your internship isn't on there. The issue is impossible to resolve after such an extended period of time.

I have tried to contact my faculty supervisor but they do not respond. Can this affect whether or not I pass my internship?

Yes, it could, so if you are having trouble connecting with your faculty supervisor, contact the Internship Office for assistance. Again, don't wait until the end of the semester to resolve the problem. It will be too late by then.

What if my professor wants something besides an outcome paper at the end of my internship/co-op?

If the faculty supervisor assigns something different other than the outcome paper, the Internship Office will accept that assignment in place of an outcome paper. If the faculty supervisor doesn't assign anything different, all students are required to turn in an outcome paper to the professor and the Internship Office at the end of their internship/co-op. It is up to the department if they choose to assign work in addition to the outcome paper.

Does the outcome paper have to be 8-10 pages?

It should take that amount to fully answer the 10 questions in your handbook; however, it is most important that you answer the questions thoroughly.

When is the outcome paper due?

The outcome paper is due by the last day of the semester or if your faculty supervisor requests it earlier, then you would go by their deadline. All students should also complete the student evaluation online at the web address that is e-mailed to them during the final third of the semester. If you use a hard copy of the evaluation rather than complete it online, you should attach it to the front of your outcome paper.