Approval & Registration Process

Steps for Internship Approval and Credit Registration

Step 1
Complete the Request for Internship Form
The form outlines your responsibilities, provides academic policy information, documents your eligibility and the department's approval for you to proceed with the internship search and registration process. Provide your department internship coordinator with the request form and a PDF copy of your degree audit showing you have the required major/minor and GPAs. Have a conversation with your coordinator about how an internship will fit into your academic program.  

  • NOTE: You are still required to submit a completed Request for Internship Form even if you have already secured an internship on your own. Internships may not be in an in-home business and international internships must first be approved through International Programs and Services (IPS). 

Step 2
Receive Departmental Approval
The department internship coordinator will review the form and degree audit to confirm you meet eligibility requirements. Ask them to email the signed Request Form and your degree audit to  Once you receive departmental approval, you may begin searching for and applying to internships (Step 3.) 

Step 3 
Conduct your Internship Search 
Use the targeted search tools in Handshake to search for internships.  Use our Resume Writing Guide to create or update your résumé. You may also use the Searching for Internships webpage for links to external job boards or schedule an Internship Seeking appointment with a staff member. Submit applications and employers will contact you directly to schedule an interview.  Employers may conduct in-person, phone, or a virtual interview. Once you have been hired for an internship position, you must then Report your Internship (Step 4).

  • NOTE: If you have already found and accepted an internship on your own, the organization must be an established, legitimate business or non‐profit organization, as evidenced by having a physical location, website, history of offering paid employment, listed telephone number, and tax ID number. 

Step 4
Report Your Internship
Use the Internship Report Form to notify ELCM that you have secured and accepted an internship. The following information is needed to initiate your registration process and are required fields in the Internship Report Form: employer name, address, phone number, website URL; supervisor name, email address, phone number; start and end dates; internship title and job description, hours/week, and pay rate. Once you have received confirmation from ELCM that your Internship Report Form has been received, you will be notified to sign up for a Registration Session (step 5.)

Complete the Internship Report Form

Step 5
Register Your Internship for Credit
Once your Internship Report Form has been processed, you will be contacted to sign-up for a 20 minute Internship Registration Session (via Zoom.) You must complete the Registration Session to earn credit for the internship experience, even if you found the internship on your own.  The registration form you complete during the Registration Session is how the internship credit is added to your academic record and degree audit. Students must pay tuition for registered credit-bearing internships as they would for any other credit-bearing course. 

  • NOTE: If you previously completed a credit-bearing internship and you want to receive credit for it for another semester you must provide ELCM and your departmental internship coordinator with an updated job description showing increased and/or different responsibilities.  Once approved, you must complete another internship registration session, in order to receive academic credit for the second internship experience.