Mentorship at Millersville


Simply stated, mentoring is a goal-oriented partnership built on trust and mutual respect. Mentoring can be formally defined as a structured and sustained relationship in which experienced persons provide guidance and feedback to less-experienced persons for the purpose of facilitating skill development or enhancing academic, professional or personal growth.

The Mentorship Office is a centralized resource center for the Millersville University community, providing mentoring opportunities, guidance, support, and recognition for Millersville mentoring relationships and programs.

The mission of the Mentorship Office is to support current mentoring programs on campus by building their capacity to provide targeted and high-impact mentorship for students and to develop new opportunities for students not currently served by ongoing mentoring programs.

Looking for an opportunity to mentor or be mentored?

There are a variety of options for Millersville University students seeking the opportunity to connect with a mentor or serve as a peer mentor.