Mentorship Support Fund Recipients


Dr. Kathryn Allen- Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering, Science Undergraduates Preparing for Excellence in Research 

Dr. Elizabeth Thyrum and Beth Roberts- Honors College Peer Mentoring Program

Dr. Bertha Saldana De Jesus- Marauder Social netWorkers Peer Mentoring Program

Dr. James Pannafino- Motion Design Mentoring Jam Event

Patrick Weidinger - Mentoring Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) Students

Marilyn Retamar- Millersville Concerned Women Fearless Women's Conference

Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn- The Early Childhood and Middle Level Professional Development School

Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn- Collegiate Middle-Level Association

Dr. Karena Rush- Psychology Peer Mentoring Program

Dr. Karena Rush- Psychology Department Freshman Lounge

Dr. Cynthia Taylor and Dr. Janet White- Mathematics Major Peer Mentoring Program

Dr. Miriam Witmer - Color of Teaching Mentoring Program

Natasha Ortiz- Scholarly Corps