Mentorship Support Fund

Mentorship Support Fund Summary


The Mentorship Support Grant Program has been established to encourage and facilitate programs and events that support mentoring at Millersville University.  The Selection Committee encourages proposals that support existing or emerging mentorship programs on campus, contribute to student success and retention, and support the concept of mentorship.

Types of programs qualifying for consideration:

  1. Active participation in mentoring program development and training opportunities.
  2. Improvement of existing mentoring programs or creation of new mentoring programs.
  3. Programs that bring mentorship speakers or other experts to campus.


Recipients must be Millersville University faculty or staff members.

Awards can be used to cover travel, purchase of supplies, incentives or materials related to events or other projects to support mentorship at Millersville.

The maximum award is $1,000. Awards may be made to one or more projects.


Evaluation Criteria

Proposed projects and initiatives will be evaluated according to the following:

  • Alignment with the stated purpose of the award and the mission of the Mentorship Office;
  • Benefit to students and student success;
  • Scope of activities and sustainability of outcomes, providing continued benefits to students and the university.


  1. Submit applications via email to
  2. Applicants should send one document (Word document or .pdf) that includes each of the following:
    1. The completed allocation cover sheet
    2. A summary of the event or program including the purpose, rationale, and expected outcomes.
    3. A detailed budget for the event, project, or initiative.


  • All recipients must submit a brief written report to the Mentorship Advisory Committee detailing the outcomes of the event, program, or initiative.
  • Recipients must submit an updated budget indicating expenses.
  • Recipients must notify the Assistant Director of the Mentorship Office if they are unable to spend their funding as planned. Failing to notify the AD may result in ineligibility for future programs.
  • Recipients may be asked to present information regarding their event or program to the Mentorship Advisory Committee or at a future Mentorship event.

The above reporting materials are due via email to by the last day of the award period. Failure to submit these documents within the allotted time frame will affect future funding requests.

All inquiries should be directed to the Mentorship Support Grant Fund – c/o Audrey Bare, Bedford House, Ext. 7654 or by email at