On Campus Mentoring

If you are looking for an opportunity to serve as a mentor or to be mentored, read below to learn about the formal mentoring programs that are currently offered at Millersville University. 

Biology Mentorship Program (BMP)
The BMP provides academic and social support via peer-mentoring and faculty guidance to promote success in the classroom, a strong sense of community among biology students of color, engagement in the Department and University, and the development of a scientific identity. Peer mentors are themselves underrepresented students with demonstrated success in biology. We provide regular Open Study and Coffee Breaks for academic and social mentoring, respectively, hold twice-monthly Program Meetings for building camaraderie and developing academic skillsets, and engage in one-on-one peer mentoring.  
Program Coordinator: Dr. Brent Horton, Biology, College of Science & Technology 

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Peer Mentor Program 
The CAMP peer-mentoring program provides academic, social, personal, and career support to first-year CAMP students. The program supports students who come from seasonal/migrant farmworker backgrounds to navigate higher education and successfully complete their first academic year at Millersville University. Each peer-mentor is assigned approximately six first-year students. Peer mentors meet at least once a week with their mentees, keep contact logs, and meet periodically with the Coordinator. 
Program Coordinator: Ms. Jenny Hernandez, Director, CAMP Program

The Color of Teaching (CoT)
The mission of the Color of Teaching Mentoring Program (CoT) is to recruit and retain students of color in education programs in order to help diversify the educator work force. CoT supports current Millersville University education majors of color by providing them with leadership opportunities, professional experiences, a support group network, and a faculty mentor to support them through the certification process. Additionally, CoT trains these Millersville University students to serve as mentors to middle school and high school students of color who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Both Millersville University students and local middle and high school students involved in the Color of Teaching Program report on the positive effects of a unique and supportive relationship that is cultivated via mentoring. Millersville students from all majors are welcome to participate in this mentoring program.  
Program Coordinator: Dr. Miriam Witmer, Educational Foundations, College of Education and Human Services

The Engage for Change Journal Internship/Mentoring Program
The internship offers a mentoring program to students to gain professional editorial and publishing experience; specialized skills in marketing, outreach, web design, and project management, and career-ready skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Kerrie Farkas, Professor of English: Writing Studies, and Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Undergraduate Research & Instruction Librarian.

Latino Student Leadership Institute (LSLI)
The LSLI builds a sense of community among Latina/o first-year and transfer students while networking with faculty, staff, current LSLI students and alumni. Incoming first-year and transfer Latina/o student mentees are matched to peer-mentors.  Participants receive information on scholarships, resources for academic success, national research opportunities, and local leadership opportunities. 
Program Coordinator: Dr. Kimberly Mahaffy, Criminology, Sociology, and Anthropology, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Library Research Fellows
The Library Research Fellows program offers undergraduates the opportunity to participate in a multi- semester research project while being a part of a community of practice. Fellows receive stipends to serve as mentors for new fellows and for peers within their departments.  
Program Coordinator: Prof. Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Undergraduate Research & Instruction Librarian, McNairy Library

Marauder Social NetWorkers
Marauder Social Networker "Social work Cares" is a mentoring program created to help undergraduate BASW students apply classroom learning to assignments and service-learning activities in preparation for their senior semester internship practicum and beyond within practice settings. BASW upperclass students, Phi Alpha Honor Society students (peer mentors), and alumni (mentors) will work with students (mentees) who are experiencing academic challenges to develop skills and knowledge related to post-baccalaureate social work practice prior to their field semester. Mentees and Mentors will participate in a mentoring session to strengthen writing skills (either for social work practice or scientifically), Critical Thinking, and Information Literacy. 
Program Coordinator: Dr. Bertha Saldana DeJesus, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Meteorology Mentoring Program
Juniors and seniors volunteer as peer mentors for first-year meteorology students during their first semester. Most activities are social in nature, but academics, career goals, and skills development are also discussed.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Richard Clark, Earth Sciences, College of Science & Technology

Mentoring Mathematics Majors
The Mentoring Mathematics Majors initiative provides the opportunity for first semester freshmen and transfer students in the Mathematics Department to connect with upperclassmen for community and academic support in their educational endeavors at Millersville University. The program includes individual and group activities that coordinate with existing departments and university programs.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Cynthia Taylor, Mathematics Department, College of Science & Technology

Millersville Concerned Men (MCM)/Women (MCW)
MCM and MCW empower Millersville University men and women to increase academic, social and leadership skills, which in turn  promote academic success, graduation and successful professional careers. Students from all majors are invited to participate in activities and receive mentoring from Millersville faculty and staff members.  
Program Coordinator (MCM): Mr. Dwight Horsey, Finance and Administration
Program Coordinator (MCW): Ms. Ana Lehneis, Student Financial Services, Ms. Samantha Moreno, Student Financial Services

Psychology Peer Mentoring
The Psychology Peer Mentoring program was designed to facilitate first year students' acclimation to the department and university. The program provides support to first year students with the desired outcome of an increase in retention to the major and university. Peer mentors do not directly tutor students, rather they are available for support and guidance of more general experiences including academic advising, helping students connect to the department and university through activities, and emotional support. Mentors also engage in the major-based UNIV 103 course to meet with students about topics related to academic success.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Karena Rush, Psychology, College of Education and Human Services

Professional Development School (PDS)
The PDS Program offers a full school year of mentorship for Early Childhood, Middle Level and Exceptional Education teacher candidates with education professionals from partnering school districts.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn, Early, Middle and Exceptional Education, College of Education and Human Services

Refugee Students Mentoring Program

The MU Refugee Scholars Mentoring Program (MURSMP)  provides opportunities for peer interaction and support. Due to their backgrounds, refugee students have gone through traumatic experiences before coming to the US and are faced with challenges of developing their identity while also integrating into the new culture. These challenges can make the transition to college tough and balancing the expectations of the college culture can be challenging because of the simultaneous work and educational responsibilities they must bear. These challenges can be mitigated through multiple resources that exist here at Millersville University and within the larger community. 

Program Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Mbindyo, Assistant Professor, Advisement Coordinator, Center for Advisement and Student Support, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and Lombardo College of Business

University Honors College Mentoring
The Honors College Mentoring Program is designed to help students who are new to MU and the Honors College make connections within the Honors College, feel welcome to our community, and make the most of the Honors College experience, both academically and socially. Incoming freshmen are paired with a upperclass honors students (based primarily on major, interests, and experiences) during the summer prior to beginning at MU.  In addition, the paid Peer Mentor resides in the Honors Living Learning Community, works with the Honors College and the Honors College Student Association to help build community both in and outside the residence hall where most students in the Honors College reside, and supports students’ adjustment to college.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Charlton Wolfgang, Director, University Honors College