Department of Early, Middle & Elementary Education Professional Development Program (PDS)

PDS Mission Statement

The mission of the Millersville University Early, Middle, and Elementary Education Professional Development Program along with our district professional development schools is to work towards the following goals:

  • To enrich the educational experiences of all children.
  • To provide a high quality introduction into the profession of education for new teachers.
  • To further our own professional growth as school and university based teachers and teacher educators.
  • To conduct work with all school partners in ways that are unbiased, fair, and just for everyone in the school community. PDS partnerships provide safe environments where all students can learn, all students are comfortable, and all students are secure and physically, emotionally, and intellectually out of harm’s way.


Please view the PDS orientation and clearance information before filling out the PDS application.

PDS Orientation PDS Clearances

After viewing the PDS orientation, please fill out the PDS application form. This form should be completed online by February 16, 2024, so we can make the correct matches between you and potential mentor teachers for interviews. 

PDS Application

Note: You need to be signed into your MU Office 365 account to be able to complete this form.

For More Information on the EMEE PDS program contact:

Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn
Associate Professor - Department of Early, Middle & Elementary Education
Coordinator - EMEE Professional Development School (PDS)