Undergraduate Admission Requirements

From Other Majors, Including Undeclared Majors

Students seeking admission must meet the following criteria. Materials for admission will be reviewed until the start of the pre-registration period of the fall and spring semesters. Materials for admission submitted after the start of pre-registration will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The number of students admitted to the program will be determined by the availability of space within the program.

Admission to the Early Childhood, Middle Level, and Special Education programs from other majors, including undeclared majors, is contingent on:

  • A GPA of 2.80 or above
  • Proof that you have attempted the Millersville University’s Basic Skills Test (BST) administered by the Department of Mathematics.
  • Proof that you have attempted one of the available options for the Pre-Service Testing requirements.
  • Approval of the Chairperson of the Department Early, Middle & Exceptional Education.

  Information regarding the Basic Skills Test (BST) is available from the Mathematics Department website, https://www.millersville.edu/math/basicskillstest.php.

  There are various ways for you to meet the initial Pre-Service testing requirement to show aptitude in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The Pre-Service testing is a requirement that must be satisfied in order to obtain a teacher’s certification in the state of Pennsylvania as well as a stipulation for admission to Teacher Education (Advanced Professional Studies (APS)). Additional information about these requirements and registration can be obtained at this website https://www.millersville.edu/cert/testingreq/index.php.   Be sure to list Millersville University as a score recipient, but also be sure to provide a copy of your test scores to the Department of Early, Middle & Exceptional Education, Stayer Hall, room 213. For more information on Pre-Service Testing Options, including free test prep help and fee waivers, go to: https://www.millersville.edu/cert/testingreq/index.php

  Upon admittance to the major, you will need to obtain criminal background clearances and a TB test, which MUST be updated each year and must be valid for the entire semester. Criminal background clearances include Act 34 (Criminal Record Check form), Act 151 (Child Abuse History Clearance form) and the FBI Federal Criminal History Records check. Satisfactory clearances are required in order for you to register for any classes with a field experience. Clearances should be submitted through the use of “CastleBranch”. The website with additional https://www.millersville.edu/fieldservices/clearances.php. Please contact the department chair should you have concerns about your ability to pass these clearances.

When you are admitted to the major, a department representative will officially change your major and assign an advisor to you. You should then schedule an appointment with the department chair by seeing the department secretary for available times. If you live at a great distance from the campus, you may schedule a telephone appointment.

To make application to the major, please return the following to the Department of Early, Middle & Exceptional Education office in Stayer Hall, room 213, or email to regina.goss@millersville.edu as soon as possible. Only completed applications will be considered.

  • A completed application form
  • Verification of attempting the Basic Skills Test (BST) administered by the Math department
  • Verification of attempting one of the available options for the Pre-Service testing requirements
  • Current copy of your DARs