Language & Literacy: English as a Second Language Minor

Language & Literacy: English as a Second Language Minor Flyer

Millersville University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to add English as a Second
Language specialization to their degree with the ESL Minor. The scope of this ESL minor is to
provide interested students with a background in effective teaching strategies, second language
acquisition theory, programming, and assessment, awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity in
the classroom, and policies, and practices in teaching English Learners. Students will have a
practicum/student teaching experience at the culmination of this program. This minor will allow
education majors in the EMEE Department who obtain their Level I certification to concurrently
obtain an ESL Program Specialist Certificate.

ESL MINOR REQUIREMENTS (curriculum sheet)

EDUC 461 Second Language Acquisition (3)

EDUC 462 Methods for Teaching English Language Learners (3)

EDUC 463 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (3)

EDUC 464 Assessment in Teaching English Language Learners (3)


Choose one of the following:
ERCH 485 Teaching Young English Language Learners (3)
MDLV 486 Teaching Middle English Language Learners (3)
EDUC 487 Teaching English Language Learners (3)

Student teaching:
7.5 weeks ESL/7.5 weeks ERCH/MDLV/SPED (3)


- only one course which counts toward the major may be counted toward the minor


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