The Integrative STEM Education Methods (ISEM) minor is specifically designed for MU students in the Early Childhood Education (ERCH) major or the Early Childhood Education and Special Education dual major (ECSP). STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and it is a hot topic in education today. Some programs use the STEAM acronym which also includes the Arts. There is a growing interest in integrative learning approaches at the elementary level, especially as they relate to STEM or STEAM education. They are becoming increasingly popular in schools as educators strive to help their students achieve new standards and become literate consumers and citizens. This approach is a good fit for the elementary school classroom because there are many opportunities to integrate curriculum across all subject areas when there is usually only one teacher of the students.

Hear What ISEM Students Have to Say.

Listen to some of our current ISEM minors describing their experiences with the program.

ISEM Coursework

The ISEM minor is a required sequence of courses that would best prepare these future educators to plan, implement, and assess integrative STEM education programs at the PK-4 grade level. The six-course sequence includes one course that is already required of all ERCH & ECSP majors (ERCH 110) plus five additional courses for a total of 18 credits. See the flow chart of classes by clicking HERE.

Why consider an ISEM Minor?

ERCH & ECSP students who are seeking ways to make themselves stand out from their peers when seeking positions upon graduation should consider this minor. The ISEM minor is specifically designed to teach you how to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math in the early childhood classroom in ways that are developmentally appropriate using hands-on materials. Students in this minor are not just taking extra math or science courses. Instead, they are learning how all the pieces work together in a problem-based learning environment to build deeper understandings.

 This minor is designed to build teacher candidates’ confidence and expertise in all of the STEM areas in a fun and unique way. And, it’s definitely a way to stand out and to “sell yourself” after graduation. Very few candidates from other universities will have this unique minor. In addition, teacher candidates who successfully complete the minor can apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for an extra Integrative STEM endorsement on their teaching certificate. 

Please click here to download the information sheet for the ISEM minor for ERCH and ECSP majors.

  • ISEM Coordinator
    Dr. Sharon Brusic is the program coordinator for the minor in Integrative STEM Education Methods (ISEM). Please email Dr. Brusic if you have any questions or would like information about the ISEM minor or any of the Technology & Engineering Education programs. Her email address is: