Master of Science in Technology & Innovation

Master of Science in Technology & Innovation

Designed for working professionals and educators who want to take input from the world and make sound decisions.

Master of Science in Technology & Innovation

The Master of Science in Technology & Innovation is a unique program designed to complement and enhance your undergraduate degree with new ways of thinking about the world. Discovering and mastering the use of valuable thinking skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, design, and innovation are the focuses of this exciting program. The program is built on four courses: EDTE 603: Fostering Creativity by Design, EDTE 604: Engineering Principles and Concepts for the Non-Engineer, EDTE 506: Applying Critical Thinking and Decision Making, and EDTE 646: Writing the Professional Paper.

This program is ideal for:

  • Teachers with a range of backgrounds in education, content areas, and grade levels who are interested in further developing and strengthening their teaching abilities.
  • Entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and other professionals seeking career advancement and psychological insight as to how people think and grow
  • Graduate students who are looking to start or complete a master's degree.

A flexible program with you in mind:

  • Customizable - build a program of study to fit your schedule and professional development needs with a range of elective courses, class time, and three degree completion options.
  • Convenient - with a blended format of online and face-to-face courses, aided by technology to enhance course delivery to locations in the greater Eastern Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic regions.
  • Transfer-friendly - students may transfer up to nine graduate-level credits from other universities.

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Program Overview

In consultation with your academic advisor, you will be able to build your program of study to best suit your professional development needs.  The core courses in Technology & Innovation provide everyone in the program with a common body of knowledge.  From there, you can select the program completion option and electives that will work best for you.

Core Classes (applied to all options):

Technology & Innovation Common Core 

Course Credits
EDTE 603: Fostering Creativity by Design 3 cr.

EDTE 604: Engineering Principles and Concepts for the Non-Engineer

3 cr.
EDTE 605: Applying Critical Thinking & Decision Making 3 cr.
EDTE 646: Writing the Professional Paper 3 cr.

Select one of the following program completion concentrations:

Education Concentration

Research Area

EDFN 601: Methods of Research 3 cr.

Social Foundations Area

(select one course)

EDFN 511: Comparative Ed 3 cr.
EDFN 590: Social Foundations of Education 3 cr.
EDFN 603: Philosophy of Education 3 cr.
EDFN 604: Education & Public Policy 3 cr.

Social Foundations Area

(select one course)

PSYC 525: Advanced Developmental Psych. 3 cr.
PSYC 526: Advanced Adolescent Psych. 3 cr.
PSYC 625: Human Growth & Development 3 cr.
EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology 3 cr.

Enterprise Concentration

Business Courses

(both required)

BAUD 670: Strategy & Policy 3 cr.
BAUD 653: Operations Management 3 cr.


(select one course)

MATH 503: Prob and Stats for Teachers 3 cr.
MATH 535: Statistical Methods 3 cr.
MATH 610: Problem Solving Seminar 3 cr.

Select one degree completion option:

Whether you choose to follow the Education Concentration or the Enterprise Concentration, you must select one of the three degree completion options listed below:

Degree Completion Options

Option 1:


EDTE 699: Thesis 6 cr.
Elective - select ONE course 3 cr.

Option 2:

Technical Project

EDTE 698: R&D Report 6 cr.
Electives - select TWO courses 6 cr.

Option 3:


Electives - Select FIVE courses 15 cr.