The N.C. Adams ’73 and W. G. Adams Fellowship

Academic Partnership: Occupational Safety & Health and the Lombardo College of Business

This distinctive and exciting partnership between OSEH and the Lombardo College of Business allows students majoring in OSEH or in management/business to pursue a specialization in the other program.

This fellowship program is designed to direct interested students toward a set of potential career pathways that previously may not have been known or well understood.  It provides opportunities for students interested in the business dimensions of occupational safety to complete their college degrees.  Finally, it creates a unique program imbued with cocurricular, networking, and internship experiences, and by doing so directly aid future graduates from these programs seeking a multifaceted career in occupational safety and business.


Students interested in pursuing a minor in OSEH or minor in Business/Management are eligible for full funding to cover the costs of the minor degree. The student scholarships will be renewable annually,  allowing students to benefit throughout their time at Millersville.


If you are an OSEH major interested in completing a fully funded minor in Business or Management minor or a Business/Management major interested in completing a fully funded minor in OSEH, please contact Dr. Jack Ogutu via email at: