Management Degrees

Management affects nearly every discipline. Management courses are a critical part of the core curriculum for all business majors.

“Millersville University provided me with an exceptional education centered around Business Management and Marketing. Attending Millersville gave me a valuable, well-rounded skillset that allowed me to enter an emerging industry and excel in wearing multiple hats, and tackling projects across multiple verticals.”

- Gregg Travitz | Management Major

MANAGEMENT MAJOR (bachelor of science)

Management is the most popular business major, with two different program offerings as well as some general education courses in the field.   Management is a varied discipline, we thus have several courses that management students can pursue based upon their individual interests whether it be: Human Resources, Operations, Leadership, or Entrepreneurship. The Management Major focuses on greatly enhancing high level managerial decision making and international perspective.  Many Management Majors also major in Marketing.

Management Program Overview
Management major Curriculum

Management Concentration: Human Resources

The Human Resource Management (HRM) concentration is designed for students who are pursuing a Management Degree from the Lombardo College of Business. The concentration will prepare them for general management and human resource management careers. In general, positions in the HRM include but are not limited to the employee relations specialists, HR staff, HR directors, staffing managers, compensation and benefits managers, corporate recruiters, and training managers. Students are encouraged to become involved in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and take SHRM exam for acquiring HR certificate after completing the program and internships. Management majors who seek the concentration will take HRM specific courses instead of general management or business electives, thus keeping the total credit hours required to achieve the Bachelor's of Science in Management the whether students pursue this concentration or not.

Human Resource Management Curriculum


The Management Minor is a highly flexible curriculum designed for non-business majors who wish to attain a leadership position in their chosen discipline at some point in their careers and is a popular choice for a wide array of different types of students across MU.  It allows for a high degree of high level Management Course options so that students can choose the best set of classes to match their interests.

Management Minor Curriculum