Degree: B.S.

The Management program at Millersville University equips students for a variety of roles and allows them to enter the business field at a high-level position upon graduation.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in Management will help you earn a leadership role in a business or non-profit firm.  All organizations require leaders, and our management program teaches you the fundamentals of managing resources, hiring, training, and developing teams, as well as creating effective organizational structures.  Our management program exposes students to all major functional areas of a business but also will allow you to focus on courses in human resources, entrepreneurship, operations, or leadership based on your individual career goals. 

What Will You Learn?

Core curriculum courses cover a wide range of Business Administration topics including financial and managerial accounting, principles of management and marketing, informational systems, legal repercussions and more. The Management concentration dives into international management, operations management and more based on your personal endeavors.