B.S. Information Technology Requirements

Department of Management and Marketing

There are two components of the B.S. degree in information technology. The first is the core, which all information technology majors must take. The second is an option selection. Currently, the only option available is a Health Care Analytics option.

Before being admitted to the next information technology, computer science, or mathematics course in a sequence, a grade of C- or better must be earned in every prerequisite course.

A C or better is required in CSCI 161 to take CSCI 162.

The Core Requirements

The objective of the core requirements is to provide the student with the skills that are considered to be fundamental to the study of computer science. This includes grounding in various aspects of programming, analytics, security, networks, users, and systems. In addition, a core foundation in mathematics and computer science theory provide a strong analytic component, as well as providing many useful concepts of interest to Information Technology professionals.

Required Information Technology Courses
INTE 120 - Integrated IT Application Projects 4 s.h.
INTE 130 - Fundamentals of Information Technology 4 s.h.
INTE 230 - Network Concepts, Security, and Administration 4 s.h.
INTE 240 - Fundamentals of Web Technology 4 s.h.
INTE 360 - IT Risk Management and Security 4 s.h.
INTE 410 - IT Project Management 4 s.h.
INTE 420 - Fundamentals of Operating Systems Management 4 s.h.
INTE 440 - Human-Computer Interaction 4 s.h.
Total   32 s.h.

Healthcare Analytics Option Courses

The student is required to take the following courses when selecting the Healthcare Analytics option

Healthcare Analytics Option - Required Courses
INTE 255 - Introduction to Data Analytics (or CSCI 452) 3 s.h.
INTE 365 - Health Care Information Management 3 s.h.
INTE 425 - Data Exploration and Visualization for IT Managers (or CSCI 453) 3 s.h.
INTE 465 - Data Analytics in Health Care 3 s.h.
NURS 310 - Health Issues from a Population Health Perspective 3 s.h.
NURS 312 - Value-Based Care 3 s.h.
Total 18 s.h.

Departmental Required-Related Courses

The student is required to take 20 s.h. of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics courses

Mathematics Courses

MATH 120 - Logic for Information Technology 2 s.h.
MATH 130 - Elements of Statistics (or MATH 234 or MATH 235) 3 s.h.
Total  5 s.h.

See placement policy for rules on which class to begin with.

Computer Science Courses

CSCI 161 - Introduction to Programming I 4 s.h.
CSCI 162 - Introduction to Programming II 4 s.h.
CSCI 366 - Database Systems 4 s.h.
Total  12 s.h.

Economics COurses

ECON 102 - Principles of Microeconomics 3 s.h.
Total  3 s.h.

Additional Major Requirements

Every Information Technology major is required to complete an Advanced Writing course. It must be one of:

  • ENGL 316 -- Business Writing (recommended)
  • ENGL 312 -- Technical Writing
  • ENGL 319 -- Science Writing

Every Information Technology major must complete the General Education curriculum to satisfy degree requirements.

INTE Curriculum Sheet

INTE Curriculum Sheet