Information Technology (INTE)

Degree: B.S.

Located in the Lombardo College of Business, the Information Technology (INTE) major at Millersville University helps students to gain comprehensive knowledge in this field with practical hands-on skills crucial to support organizational Information Technology infrastructure and users.

Why Study the Information Technology Program

It is a digital world and Information Technology is extremely an in-demand field as businesses increasingly rely on Information Technology products and services for everyday business operations. Information Technology is the application of technology to solve organizational problems and increase business operation efficiency. Information Technology incorporates the selection, creation, application, communication technologies, integration, and administration of computing devices to meet the organizational needs, individual user demands, and society at large. This program addresses the importance of applied skills and practical experiences in Information Technology by allowing students to gain hands on experiences with fundamental Information Technology topics and get prepared for emerging careers in Information Technology.

What Will You Learn?

In this new era of human empowerment and communications across businesses, all businesses including non-tech businesses need Information Technology. Practicing with technology infrastructure in business workplace without a degree in Information Technology seem a little overwhelming. The INTE program prepares students to enter the workplace as well-prepared Information Technology professionals to grow into leadership positions or pursue graduate degrees.

There are two components of the B.S. degree in Information Technology (INTE). The first is the core, which all INTE majors must take. The second is an option selection. Currently, there is an option available in Health Care Analytics with several additional options under development. The new Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is designed to prepare both traditional and transfer students as well as adult learners for careers in Information Technology within the healthcare sector and eventually a range of other fields.