Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology (AURO)

Millersville University offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology (AURO) degree and a 2-year Associate of Technology in Applied Engineering & Technology with a concentration in Control Systems Technology (AET-CST).  These are described below along with links to the Millersville University Undergraduate Catalog so you can read about the courses you will take in each major. There are general education requirements as well, and you can read about them here.

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Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology

Hands-on experience integrating automation, robotics, control engineering, and computer science.

Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science, (B.S.); 4-year program

Programmable Logic Control ActivityThe Bachelor of Science in Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology (AURO) introduces students to the fundamentals of power, electronic systems, and formal programming techniques common in industry. The curriculum, supported jointly by the departments of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology and Computer Science, includes in depth technical content of electronics, control systems, mechanical systems, and computer programming and applications to prepare professionals equipped to design, improve, maintain, and manage robotic and automated process and control systems. Laboratory courses require students to design, program, develop and construct projects independently and in small teams.

The study of robotics and controls involves the design, modeling, optimization, documentation, and automation of advanced control problems. This major is designed to produce graduates prepared to work with multiple types of technology to design and implement projects that have advanced programming needs.

Students in the AURO degree program will complete courses from applied engineering, computer science, math, and physics. The AURO degree allows students to choose from an emphasis on computer science or technology management. The link below will open a new tab with course requirements and descriptions. 

Bachelor of Science in Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology Catalog Listing

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“MU did a great job preparing me for the challenges I face in my career. The expectations of the professors and their drive to develop “out of the box” and analytical thinking skills are what I believe to be one of the biggest takeaways. The individualized attention that the professors provide is invaluable when developing the necessary skillsets required for the real world.”

- Gilbert Ramos | 2014

Control Systems Technology
Associate of Technology in Applied Engineering Technology (AET-CST); 2-year program

The Associate of Technology in Applied Engineering & Technology with a concentration in Control Systems Technology (AET-CST) is a 2-year degree program that shares many of its technical core courses with the AURO degree. This abbreviated program is for those individuals who need the hands-on experience with the devices, tools, and technology related to automation and robotics, but don't need either the computer science or management preparation. We designed the associate degree program to get students the education they need in a hurry, and it also seamlessly can be applied towards a bachelor's degree in Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology in the future. The link below will open a new tab with course requirements and descriptions. 

Associate of Technology in Control Systems Technology Catalog Listing

Minor in Control Systems Technology

A minor in Control System Technology is available to students who complete 18 credits of technical courses related to the study of Robotics and Control Systems.

Minor in Control Systems Technology Catalog Description

Top three reasons to study automation & Robotics Engineering Technology AT MU:

  1. Learn relevant, in-demand automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer programming, and control system engineering skills.
  2. “[The] demand for robots has never been stronger as more industries look to automation to increase productivity and alleviate ongoing labor shortages”
  3. Earn one of the highest starting salaries after graduation from the university: automation/controls/robotics engineers $65,000- $75,000 per year.

Laboratory Facilities for AURO Majors:

There are multiple laboratory facilities dedicated to supporting the Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology degree. Some of the laboratories include:
Adaptive Computing
Advanced CADD
Fluid Power
Robotics R&D
Intelligent Machines
Materials Processing
Rapid Prototyping

 Clubs & Activities

Robotics Team In The Move

Association of Technology, Management & Applied Engineering (ATMAE) Student Chapter (aka MU Robotics Team) The MU Robotics Team has earned more than 45 awards since 2001 in national or international robotics competitions. The team boasts seven winning championships at the National Robotics Competitions.

Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT) – Beta Phi Chapter. Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honor society for professions in technology. At Millersville, this includes Technology & Engineering Education, Applied Engineering & Technology Management, and  Occupational Safety & Environmental Health majors.

Pictured: 2023 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team photo.