A Message From The Department Chair

Welcome from Dr. Len Litowitz, Department Chair

Thank you for considering a degree from the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology at Millersville University.  The department serves 500 students and offers undergraduate degrees in Technology & Engineering Education teacher preparation for those interested in becoming Technology & Engineering Education Teachers (K-12); Occupational Safety & Environmental Health for those seeking to become safety professionals; Automation and Intelligent Robotics for those students with a keen interest in advanced robotics, industrial automation and programming applications; and Applied Engineering and Technology Management for students whose career paths take them towards applied engineering and management professions. Our Applied Engineering & Technology Management majors specialize in one of seven different technical concentration options including Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Aided Drafting/Design, Construction Technology, Nanofabrication Manufacturing, Graphic Communications/Printing, Robotics & Control Systems, and General Technology. We also offer a new Master's Degree in Technology & Innovation that caters to educators as well as those employed in industry.

So why choose us? Here are a few of my favorite reasons in no particular order:

  • All of your courses will be taught by faculty! That’s right, no courses are taught by graduate assistants. Not one! Our faculty members are in the classroom teaching undergraduate courses on a regular basis, and, we like it that way!

  • Lancaster County is a great place to attend school. From its scenic beauty to its small-town feel with reasonable proximity to big cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and New York there is something for everyone to like about Lancaster.

  • Millersville is a bargain compared to many schools. I don’t know how many students from out of state have told me that our out-of-state tuition is similar to their in-state tuition, and that made the decision to choose Millersville an easy one. We are a bargain at home as well. Compare our tuition and room and board to other schools around the state and make your own decision.

  • Our extra-curricular opportunities are exceptional. Our clubs regularly participate in professional conferences, competitions, service projects competitions, social events and more.

  • We are where the jobs are! Our students are routinely employed within their respective fields upon graduation and we offer the data to prove it. Come and tour our facility and see the hundreds of business cards of our alumni that line our hallways.

Now, see yourself studying in a great place to live, with a quality faculty, in an exceptional facility, at a reasonable price, majoring in a subject that will lead to gainful employment. All of us from the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology wish you the best as you make your decision about pursuing higher education. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like additional information or to arrange a personal meeting with a degree program coordinator.

Department & Subject Area Leadership

Please feel free to contact any of the people below with questions about our programs and activities.

Dr. Len Litowitz

Dr. Len Litowitz
Department Chair, Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology

Email: Len.Litowitz@Millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-7215

Dr. Sharon Brusic

Dr. Sharon Brusic
Program Coordinator, Technology Education

Email: Sharon.Brusic@Millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-5548

Dr. Mark Snyder

Dr. Mark Snyder
Program Coordinator, Applied Engineering and Technology Management

Email: Mark.Snyder@Millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-5547

Dr. Jack Ogutu

Dr. Jack Ogutu
Program Coordinator, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

Email: Jack.Ogutu@Millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-7229

Dr. John Wright

Dr. John Wright
Program Coordinator, Automation & Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology Program

Email: John.Wright@millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-7235

Dr. Scott Warner

Dr. Scott Warner
Program Coordinator, Graduate Program

Email: Scott.Warner@Millersville.edu
Phone: 717-871-7234

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  • AEST Graduates Are...

    With an AEST degree, you could have an exciting career as a...

    • STEM Educator
    • Control System Specialist
    • Industrial Trainer
    • Product Designer
    • CADD Draftsman/Estimator
    • Senior Quality Analyst
    • Product Design Engineer
    • CNC Programmer
    • Validation Specialist
    • Graphic Layout Designer
    • Account Representative
    • Industrial Control Designer
    • Technology & Engineering Education Teacher
    • Graphic Services Coordinator
    • Solid Modeling Specialist
    • Safety Inspector
    • Fire Safety Coordinator
    • College Professor
    • Corporate Safety Officer
    • Innovations Manager
    • Process Flow Engineer
    • Design Engineer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Industrial Hygienist