General Technology

General Technology

Bachelor of Science, Applied Engineering & Technology Management, General Technology Option

The General Technology option is designed to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in broad-based industrial technologies. Courses included in this option provide survey experiences in electricity/electronic, mechanical, manufacturing, drafting/design, and graphic communication technologies. Technical electives permit the students to integrate the technological systems or develop their own specialty in industrial technology. All courses feature practical laboratory experiences that enable students to work with processes, tools, equipment and materials needed in various technological applications. Graduates of this option typically work as process/product designers, application engineers, technical salespersons, technical trainers, technologists, or managers of technical operations.

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Upon the completion of the General Technology option, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in the design and organization of communication, production and transportation systems to include attainment of required inputs, selection and application of appropriate processes, and the analysis and evaluation of system outputs.
  • Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools, materials and processes employed in industrial technologies.
  • Use computers to design, communicate, control, monitor and produce in the work environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of descriptive geometry, multiview drawings, sectioning, pictorial representation, detail and assembly drawings, and the reproduction of drawings as needed for designing and manufacturing products.
  • Perform graphic design, image composition, photography, image assembly, image carrier preparation, image transfer and finishing processes as needed for graphic communications.
  • Apply knowledge of electrical circuits and concepts through testing, troubleshooting, experimentation and problem solving.
  • Analyze, design and specify mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power transmission and control systems and their components for specific applications.
  • Select, test, analyze and safely process industrial materials including polymers, ceramics, metallics and composites.

The General Technology option is available only at the bachelor's level.

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