General Business Degrees

General Business is a great fit for students who wish to pursue a highly specialized area of study that is a blend of any of our high-level courses or for students who wish to complete their degree in the most flexible manner.

General Business Option

In General Business, students are free to choose their business elective courses beyond our core curriculum and can choose any 300 level or higher courses in business.  Blending Marketing and Management is the most common, but students may also take Accounting and Finance courses. This option is our most flexible for students and is also available fully online for degree completion.  General business students may NOT also major in another business area due to the nature of the curriculum, but can work with the advisor to choose classes that best fit for their career path.

General Business Program Overview
General Business Degree Requirements

General Business Degree Completion - Fully online

Through our innovative degree completion program, you can take the Associate’s degree or college credits you’ve already earned and add our online business courses to them. The end result? A Bachelor’s degree that can open doors to opportunities in any business, for profit, non-profit or public-sector organization.

General Business Degree Completion Overview
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The General Business Minor is for non-business majors who want a broad understanding of business, but without pursuing a full degree in business.  It is a popular choice and provides important knowledge for students pursuing a variety of majors.

General Business Minor Curriculum (PDF)