Early, Middle, And Exceptional Education Graduate Programs

Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education (EMEE) Programs

The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education offers various graduate programs intended to add both depth and breadth to an educator’s level of expertise. Please click on the following links to access more information. Courses are taught by graduate faculty members from the elementary and early childhood education, education foundations, special education and psychology departments.

Master Degree Programs

Supervisory Certification Programs

Program Specialist

Literacy Coaching Endorsement (must have Reading Specialist Certification)

Instructional I Certification

Instructional I Certification is required for entry into a teaching position in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania schools. Applicants interested in earning teacher certification whether in addition to certification obtained through an undergraduate teacher education program, or as a supplement to a liberal arts baccalaureate program, should contact the Certification Office. For more information, visit Instructional I Certification page 


In addition to the courses offered toward a degree, the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education offers a series of practical and activity-oriented workshops providing new ideas that can immediately be used in the classroom. These workshops are graded on a pass/fail basis. Under no circumstances may these workshops be included for credit in a master’s degree program at Millersville University. For more information, visit the Workshops page