M.Ed. in Gifted Education (Plus Certificate And Endorsement)

About the Master's in Gifted Education

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The Master of Education degree in gifted education is designed to provide the specialized knowledge needed by teachers and other educational personnel who are interested in working with gifted and talented students (K-12). The M.Ed. in Gifted Education, Graduate Certificate, and Gifted Endorsement are offered fully online in an asynchronous format designed to meet the needs of busy education professionals. The curriculum is appropriate for teachers whether they provide instruction in special programs for the gifted or teach in inclusive settings. The M. Ed. Degree in gifted education does not confer teacher certification. The Department of Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education is responsible for the gifted education program although the program itself is multi-disciplinary.


Admission to the program is open to those applicants who possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university. Applicants must submit supporting documents as required for general admission to a graduate program. Applicants must possess Instructional I Certification in Pennsylvania or another state. Applicants must have earned a 2.75 or better undergraduate cumulative average. The General Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is required if your cumulative GPA is lower than a 3.0.  

For more information about graduate admission, visit the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning


“It took the opportunity to get a degree in gifted education for me to finally pursue my master’s degree. I was very happy with the knowledgeable faculty and the coursework that was offered. Even after spending many years in the field of gifted, I feel the experience was beneficial.”

- Amy D’Amico | M.Ed.

GFED Course Offerings (Subject to Change):

Fall 2022: GFED 670, GFED 674, GFED 675, & GFED 690; Winter 2023: GFED 676; Spring 2023: GFED 670, GFED 674, GFED 675, & GFED 690

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Clinical Practicum (GFED 690)

GFED 690 has two parts: Evaluation Practicum and Teaching Practicum. The course can be taken in one semester (6 credits) or across two semesters (3 credits each). Both involve working in your own school/class rather than another placement/district.


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Gifted Program FAQ

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  • Master's in Gifted Education

    For course descriptions, see the Graduate Catalog.

    I. Professional Core Requirements (9 s.h.)
         EDFN 601 Methods of Research (3)

         Choose One:
           PSYC 525 Advanced Developmental Psychology (3)
           PSYC 526 Advanced Adolescent Psychology (3)
           EDFN 545 Advanced Educational Psychology (3) 
           PSYC 625 Human Growth and Development (3)

         Choose One:
           EDFN 511 Comparative Education (3)
           EDFN 590 Social Foundations of Education (3)
           EDFN 603 Philosophy of Education (3)
           EDFN 604 Education and Public Policy (3)

    (Please note that not all Professional Core courses are available online)

    II. Required Courses (18 s.h.)
         GFED 670 Psychology of the Gifted (3)
         GFED 674 Programming for the Gifted (3)
         GFED 675 Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness: Application for the Gifted (3)
         GFED 676 Teaching Gifted Learners: Instructional Strategies or 686, 687 or 688 Topics in Gifted Education (offered periodically) (3)
         GFED 690 Clinical Practicum (6)

    III. Area of Specialization (9 s.h.)
    The student, with the approval of an adviser, must complete a minimum of 9 s.h. in an area of specialization. Specializations could include, but are not limited to: Early Childhood Education, Language and Literacy, English as a Second Language, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Leadership, Mathematics, Online Teaching, Sciences, STEM, Social Sciences, Psychology, Special Education, and Technology Education. (Please note that not all Area of Specialization selections are available online)

  • Post-Bacc. Certificate in Gifted Education

    The certificate program can be completed in four semesters, with offerings year-round (fall, spring and summer). The completed certificate (18 s.h.) can be applied in its entirety towards the requirements for the Master of Education degree in Gifted Education.


    Certificate Curriculum

    Required Courses (18 s.h.)
         GFED 670: Psychology of the Gifted (3)
         GFED 674: Programming for the Gifted (3)
         GFED 675: Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness: Application for the Gifted (3)
         GFED 676: Teaching Gifted Learners: Instructional Strategies (3)
         GFED 690: Clinical Practicum (6)

  • Endorsement in Gifted Education

    The fundamental goal of the PDE-approved gifted education endorsement is to prepare educators who will be effective in helping gifted students achieve social, emotional, and academic success in the school setting. This fully online program is intended to provide educators with the knowledge and skills needed to work with students, families, and the community to provide a continuum of services and a nurturing learning environment for a diverse range of gifted learners. The endorsement can be completed in three semesters, with offerings year-round (fall, spring, and summer).


    The four courses required to earn the endorsement are the same as the first four courses for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gifted Education. Therefore, students who are interested in applying to the gifted endorsement program should apply for the Certificate program using the online graduate application. Students who complete the endorsement coursework can then decide if they would like to continue on and complete the Certificate.

    Endorsement in Gifted Education Curriculum

    Required Courses (12 s.h.)
          GFED 670: Psychology of the Gifted (3)
          GFED 674: Programming for the Gifted (3)
          GFED 675: Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness: Applications for the Gifted (3)
          GFED 676: Teaching Gifted Learners: Instructional Strategies (3)

    Completed the Endorsement Coursework?

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