Mathematics Placement

Who must take a placement assessment?

  • A math placement assessment is required of all entering students unless you are transferring credit for a 100 level (or higher) MATH course excluding certain statistics courses or received AP/IB credit for a 100 level (or higher) MATH course excluding certain statistics courses.
  • You may NOT take any math placement test after you have taken a math course at Millersville University. If you fail a math course or did not get the grade necessary for the course to qualify as a prerequisite, you will need to repeat that course. 
  • If you change majors and your new major requires a different math placement assessment than the one you have previously taken you will need to take the math placement assessment required for your new major. 
  • If you need any special accommodations, please contact the Office of Learning Services at 717-871-5554.

Which placement assessment should I take?

Basic Skills Test (BST)

  • Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Middle Level Education MajorsONLY (including students who are undeclared but intend to declare one of these majors) need to take the Basic Skills Test (BST).
    • Please see the Basic Skills Test page for a list of topics covered on the BST, sample questions and their solutions. Review this material before coming to take the BST. Calculators are NOT allowed for this test.

Basic Skills Test (BST) and Math Placement Test (MPT)

  • Middle Level Education - Mathematics or Science majors (including students who are undeclared but intend to declare Middle Level Education Math or Science as their major) will be taking both the Basic Skills Test(BST) and the Math Placement Test (MPT). Calculators are NOT allowed for either test.

Math Placement Test (MPT)

  • All Other Majors need to take the Math Placement Test (MPT).  
  • This test is not a pass/fail test. It is a snapshot of your current math ability to assist in placing you in the proper level math class.
  • Majors in the College of Science and Technology, as well as Business, economics, psychology, or sociology:  To get a correct schedule for fall semester you must take the Math Placement Exam prior to the start of your first semesterat Millersville University.
  • All other majors: it is highly recommended that you take the Math Placement Assessment before arriving on campus.  

How do I take a placement assessment?

Basic Skills Test (BST) 

  • The BST is a 50-minute assessment and must be taken in person. It is offered at orientation sessions for incoming students and there are also testing dates in the Fall and Spring semesters which are advertised on the Basic Skills Test page and ‘Ville Daily. You may also contact the Department of Mathematics at if you need a different time to test.
  • You may retake this test in person by scheduling with the Department of Mathematics. For information, visit the Basic Skills Test page.

Math Placement Test (MPT)

  • The MPT may be taken online through ALEKS. ALEKS is free tor students when using their MU log in. This is an assessment tool which is designed to ascertain your mathematical preparedness. The assessment may be taken at any time and will be proctored by Respondus Monitor. To take the assessment on ALEKS you will need a computer with an internet connection and web camera.
    • This assessment can be taken up to 5 times if you believe that your placement can be improved. There will be 3 hours of required targeted review that will need to be completed before being allowed to complete the second and third attempts.
    • It is strongly recommended that you take this online test at least twice.
    • For questions that require a calculator an online calculator will be available in ALEKS.

   ALEKS Online MPT (MU log-in required)

  • The MPT may also be taken in person on paper. You can schedule this 30-minute assessment by contacting the Department of Mathematics Office at
    • This version is designed to be taken once and provide an appropriate mathematics course placement.  
    • You may not use a calculator during this assessment. 
    • If you wish to retake the MPT after taking the paper version you will need to take the online version through ALEKS.