Math Department - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Department of Mathematics main office?

The offices of the chair (Dr. Tyrone Washington), assistant chair (Dr. Kevin Robinson) and department secretary (Mrs. Linda Mellinger) are located on the second floor of Wickersham Hall. Look for the office suite halfway down the hall opposite the large conference room.

Who needs to take a mathematics placement test?

All Millersville University students must take a mathematics placement assessment prior to registering for a mathematics course. Students typically take the placement test during new student orientation, but may contact for placement testing if in need before registration.

Are tutors available for mathematics courses?

The Department of Mathematics operates the Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) from the second week of the semester until the week of final examinations each semester and also during the summer. The MAC is staffed by mathematics majors able to provide help for students in elementary algebra, statistics, precalculus, calculus, mathematics education, and many upper level mathematics courses.

The MAC operates in room 100 in Wickersham Hall. Hours of the MAC are generally posted throughout Wickersham Hall and always on the door of Wickersham Room 100. Tutoring at the MAC is offered on a walk-in basis, no appointments are necessary. There is no charge for tutoring offered by the MAC. Students wishing to arrange private, one-to-one tutoring should see Mrs. Linda Mellinger to determine if student tutors are available for the particular mathematics course involved.