Millersville University Experiential Learning and Career Management serves students, alumni and employers with high quality career programs and provides students with work-based experience and employment opportunities. We serve employers and organizations seeking to fill full-time permanent salaried positions and/or experiential opportunities, such as internships, micro-work experiences, service-learning or volunteer endeavors.  Each year over 250 companies and organizations recruit on our campus, seeking to benefit from the talent, energy and knowledge of Millersville University students.  If your organization seeks students, graduating seniors or alumni with an excellent education and potential for success, let us help you connect with them to achieve your recruiting goals.  

Two Ways to Connect with Students and Graduates

handshake career platform

Use Handshake, our comprehensive recruiting platform, to post full time job and internship opportunities for students and graduates, register for job fairs, and schedule interviews.  

How to create an employer user account or join an existing employer account in Handshake

How to post a job in Handshake

How to request an event in Handshake

In an effort to better protect Millersville University students and alumni from unethical and/or fraudulent companies or postings, Experiential Learning & Career Management staff reserve the right to research individual companies and postings to determine if the opportunity in question will ultimately be beneficial and meet the needs of Millersville University students and alumni. 

 parker dewey logo

Post a Micro Work Experience on the Millersville University Parker Dewey platform to expand your recruiting pool to access diverse talent with 21st-century skills, improve the effectiveness of your hiring efforts and lower the costs (and risks) associated with onboarding, or if you just need some immediate help on projects because you or your team is overloaded. You pay Parker Dewey a project fee to post a short term project, students apply and are hired and supervised by you, and then Parker Dewey pays the student as an independent contractor.   

  • FAQ's

    What email address should I use?   Please use your corporate email address.  Experiential Learning and Career Management and the Handshake platform conduct a vetting and approval process.  The process will recognize and "flag" if your email address domain does not match your organization's domain information or if it appears to be a personal (gmail, hotmail) account.

    Do we need to have an organizational/corporate website or will social media be sufficient?  Employer partner organizations must have a legitimate corporate website with a published history of at least one year.  

    What type of job postings will be approved?  Full-time, part-time and volunteer opportunities as well as academic internship positions aligned to Millersville University academic majors and programs.

    What type of job postings will not be accepted?
    The following types of jobs are not approved for inclusion in Handshake:

    • jobs that take place in private homes, including temporary, part-time or summer jobs, such as, but not limited to, child care, pet-sitting, landscaping, or home maintenance work. (You may want to consider posting these types of positions on Care.com or QuadJobs.com)
    • involve any outlay of cash to the job seeker.
    • require the job seeker to spend money and then seek reimbursement.
    • request the job seeker to accept and cash checks prior to formal employment starting. 

    What other services does ELCM offer?  

    • We host at least one Job and Internship Fair each semester
    • Campus recruiting sessions (informational) are available for employers to schedule Monday through Friday. At this time, all recruitment sessions are virtual. Recommended times are 11:00 am – 1:00 pm and after 4:00 pm.    
    • If you are interested in making arrangements to schedule individual interviews with students for specific full-time or internship opportunities, please email careers@millersville.edu.
  • ELCM Policies and Agreements

    Please review Experiential Learning & Career Management policies and agreements, prior to posting opportunities in the platform.