SPRING Internship Requirements & Deadlines

General Requirements for Spring 2020 Interns

Students participating in Experiential Learning and Career Management's Credit-Bearing Internship Program are earning academic credits for their internship experience. This means students must complete some minimum requirements in order to earn those credits:

  • All credit-bearing internships are completed for a minimum of 3 credits
  • Students are required to work over a period of 12 - 15 weeks, for at least 120 hours (For specific hour requirements based on major; click HERE)
  • Students must pay tuition (including summer internships)
  • Students must earn a favorable work evaluation from the employer
  • Have a minimum of five (5) communications/meetings with the faculty internship supervisor establishing learning objectives, goal setting, providing progress reports and evaluating the experience.  One of these communications or meetings should be an employment site visit as long as the company or organization is within a 100 mile radius of Millersville University.
  • Write an outcome paper which is a reflection of the internship experience.  The paper should be at least 8 to 10 pages long, double spaced; Calibri 11; Arial 11; Times New Roman 11 font. 
  • We highly recommend keeping a journal.  Reflect on your experiences weekly; note tasks and projects completed (how did it go; any challenges? how did you overcome them, etc.).  
  • Complete an evaluation; an assessment of the academic internship experience
  • Complete any additional departmental assignments

To make sure you do not miss any important updates or reminders, check your Millersville University, sponsored email REGULARLY during your internship as that is the primary email ELCM uses to communicate with you.  Most faculty tend to communicate using the Millersville email address, too. 

Deadlines for Academic Requirements

These deadlines are set by Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM).  Check with your internship faculty supervisor if a different deadline has been established.  Your faculty internship supervisor is assigned by your department's internship coordinator and would be listed on your class schedule.  Check your SPRING schedule on MAX to find out who is your internship faculty supervisor.

  • Tuition must be paid within the timeframe indicated by the Student Accounts Office.  The Student Accounts Office will email you a bill when the credit-bearing internship paperwork has been processed by the Registrar's Office
  • Employer evaluation must be completed and you must earn a favorable intern evaluation from your employer.  ELCM will email the evaluation to the employer the weekend of Spring Break with reminder emails being sent weekly.  It should be completed no later than FRIDAY, May 1, 2020.
  • Outcomes paper or academic portfolio must be emailed to ELCM by FRIDAY, May 1, 2020 - unless your faculty internship supervisor approved a different deadline.  Please let us know your deadline when we email you the first email outcomes paper deadline reminder.
  • A student intern evaluation will be emailed to you by the weekend of Fall Break with reminder emails being sent weekly.  Please complete it no later than FRIDAY, May 1, 2020.
  • Any additional departmental assignments should be turned in by the deadline determined by your faculty internship supervisor.