Requirements & Deadlines

General Requirements for Interns

By completing an academic internship you are making yourself more marketable to employers and graduate schools.  Getting a job and achieving long term career success increasingly depends on the ability to demonstrate real value to employers through experience and applied learning. Collaborating with faculty and professionals in your chosen field helps you gain knowledge in an intentional learning environment supported by mentorship and supervision.  

Per academic policy, the minimum requirements needed to earn credit for an internship experience are as follows:

  1. All credit-bearing internships are completed for a minimum of 3 credits.
  2. Participation in a credit-bearing internship generally occurs over a period of 12 to 15 weeks during the fall, spring or summer terms for a minimum of 120 hours, or generally 40 hours per credit, unless otherwise approved by the department and College/School dean. Individual departments may require more hours for the internship experience. The focus is on learning and educational objectives, not the number of hours accrued at the employer site (click HERE for major-specific hour requirements).
  3. Students must pay tuition for internship credits.
  4. Students must earn a favorable work evaluation from the employer.
  5. Complete a minimum of five (5) communications/meetings with the faculty internship supervisor establishing learning objectives, goal setting, providing progress reports and evaluating the experience.  One of these communications or meetings should be an employment site visit. It is the student intern's responsibility to initiate meetings with the faculty supervisor and to schedule the site visit with the faculty and employer supervisors. 
  6. Write an outcomes paper reflecting on the internship experience and the learning objectives. The paper should be at least 8 to 10 pages long, double spaced; Times New Roman 12 font. 
  7. Complete an evaluation; an assessment of the academic internship experience.
  8. Complete any additional departmental assignments.

Recommendations for a Successful Internship Experience

  • Keep an internship journal.  Reflect on internship experiences weekly, noting the tasks and projects completed, challenges encountered, and lessons learned.
  • Contact the assigned internship faculty supervisor as soon as possible. Faculty internship supervisors are assigned by the department's internship coordinator and are listed on student class schedules in MAX. 
  • Schedule supervision meetings with the faculty supervisor in advance.
  • Check Millersville University email frequently so important internship updates or reminders are not missed.


Deadline for Academic Requirements

Tuition must be paid within the timeframe indicated by the Student Accounts Office.  A tuition bill will be emailed by Student Accounts when the completed internship registration form has been processed by the Registrar's Office.

All academic requirements (submission of internship evaluation and outcomes paper) are due to the last day of class each semester.  If the faculty internship supervisor has approved a different deadline, please let us know.

  1. Employer Supervisor Evaluation - An evaluation survey link will be sent to employer supervisors.  We encourage the supervisor to complete the evaluation toward the end of the internship.
  2. Student Internship Evaluation - An evaluation survey link will be sent to student interns via Handshake.  We encourage students to complete it toward the end of the internship.
  3. Outcomes Paper - Final outcome papers or academic portfolios should be submitted to the faculty supervisor and uploaded into the student's Handshake experience.                                                                                                                                                                             

    This deadline is set by Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM). Any additional departmental assignments should be submitted to the assigned faculty supervisor by the deadline they have established.