Financial Aid

Information for students applying for financial aid:

If you intend to apply financial aid to your coursework in the MSISA program, please read this page.

As part of the core curriculum for the MSISA program, students must take 3 four-credit online courses in business: Business Operations and Analysis, Accounting and Finance, and Strategic Management/Leadership. These courses are offered through nearby Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and automatically transfer to Millersville to fulfill MSISA degree requirements.

According to federal requirements, students need to be enrolled in at least six credits for loans to be applied. The Financial Aid office at Millersville can add the credits at both Millersville and Shippensburg together to satisfy this requirement. During semesters when students are taking less than six credits at Millersville but are also enrolled in the online business courses, the Financial Aid office at Millersville needs confirmation of your enrollment in Shippensburg courses in order to process your financial aid. For this reason, Millersville has written a consortium agreement with Shippensburg, found here. MSISA students enrolled in courses at Shippensburg and Millersville are asked to fill out section A of the consortium agreement, and then email the form to the Financial Aid office at Shippensburg (see below for contact information). Officials at Shippensburg will then complete section C, and will send the form back to the Financial Aid office at Millersville. Please note that students do not need to fill out the form entitled "Request to Take Course at Another University for Transfer of Credit Back to MU."


Download the consortium agreement, which is found here.

After filling out section A of the consortium agreement, please email the form to the Shippensburg office of Financial Aid at: If you’d like to speak with someone from this office, call 717-477-1131.

For other questions on this process, please contact Marcy Ashton, associate director of Financial Aid at Millersville, at: or 717-872-3026.

Loan Deferment:

You may also run into issues with servicing on your prior federal loans that are in a repayment status. Each university can only report attendance at their own institution, so if you are taking courses at both institutions, you may need help in completing deferment forms. The National Student Loan Clearinghouse will only see that you are reported as "less than half time," and therefore your lenders may expect you to be making payments. Please contact Marcy using the contact information above if you need assistance with this issue.