msisa program

The goal of the Millersville University MSISA program is to produce exemplary professionals with cross-disciplinary scientific skills and business knowledge. The MSISA degree was developed in response to local and national trends indicating the need for highly skilled, technically astute scientists possessing good business sense and excellent collaboration skills. There are four specializations within the program.

As part of the core curriculum for the MSISA program, students must take 3 four-credit online courses in business: Business Operations and Analysis, Accounting and Finance, and Strategic Management/Leadership. These courses are offered through Millersville to fulfill MSISA degree requirements.

MSISA Program & My financial aid

According to federal requirements, students need to be enrolled at least half-time in their Course Program of Study (CPOS) each semester for loans to be applied to their charges. During semesters when students are taking less than half-time CPOS credits at Millersville they will be ineligible to receive federal loans. 

There are many different requirements to receive and maintain financial aid eligibility. For information about your financial aid, browse our website to learn more about your eligibility, maintaining your eligibility, and how enrollment changes can affect your financial aid eligibility.