Summer Financial Aid

Registration for summer courses begins February 5, 2024. If you are looking to receive financial aid in the summer, please be aware that the application for summer aid is delayed due to: 

Congressional changes made to the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  • Changes caused a 3-month delay in the opening date of the FAFSA.
  • The delay occurred from October 1 to December 31st.
Federal Student Aid (FSA) instituting a soft launch of the FAFSA application.
  • The soft launch serves as a period for FSA to monitor, fix, and respond in real time to issues with the application process and/or data in the form.
  • No end date for the soft launch has been announced at this time.
A delay in FAFSA data being sent to colleges and institutions.
  • Data is expected to be sent around the end of January/early February.
  • No date has been confirmed at this time. 
Once FAFSA data is received, institutions need time to interpret and process the data in their information systems.
  • Financial aid offers for summer, fall, and spring are dependent on the interpretation and processing of FAFSA data and may not be immediate.

Applications for Summer Financial Aid are usually available each year in mid-February; with processing scheduled to begin the second week of April. At this time, Millersville's Summer Aid Application availability and processing are to be determined (TBD). 

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