Are you making changes to your enrollment?

Learn how your financial aid may be impacted

If you are making a change to your course schedule it may impact the amount of financial aid you receive especially if those changes are after the semester begins and financial aid has been paid!

Are you considering making a change to your enrollment or course schedule?

Check out the different types of enrollment changes listed below and how they can impact the current financial aid you already received and your eligibility for future financial aid (Satisfactory Academic Progress). 

Disclaimer: If you're considering a complete withdrawal or taking a leave of absence for the semester, it's important to understand the Return of Title IV policies. Click the link below to learn more about why some of the federal and/or state aid you received may need to be returned. These policies apply even in cases of leaving MU for medical reasons and to students considered unofficially withdrawn due to receiving all failing grades. REQUIRED RETURN OF AID POLICIES