Registrar's Office

Important Dates & Information

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines: 

JAN 19

Residence Halls open at 12pm

JAN 21

Classes begin

Late registration online

Drop/add period begins online

JAN 28

Last day to drop or add a course online (by 11:59pm)

JAN 28

Last day to submit a request to take a course on a pass/fail or audit basis (requests must be in the Registrar's Office by 4:30pm)

JAN 29

W grade period begins. 

If course starts or ends outside of the regular Spring 2020 term (1/21-5/9), the withdrawal deadline will differ.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.


Graduate degree-seeking and certification students begin registration
for summer terms (9 am)

Summer undergraduate registration begins (9 am)

FEB 13

Graduate non-degree students begin registration for summer terms

FEB 13

Application deadline for undergraduate Spring degree (applications must be filed in the Registrar's Office by 4:30pm)

Applications for the master's degree/graduation must be filed in the College of Graduate & Professional Studies

MAR 2*

Deadline to submit major/minor changes for the Fall 2020 advisement period. If you submit the form after this date, the change can still be processed, but your TAP number will be issued to your advisor prior to the change and during your early registration appointment time you may not be able to register for courses restricted to your new major/minor.

*Fall web schedule & other registration information available online


Registration TAPS will be available to academic advisers

Click Here to access the full Academic Calendar

NOTICE from the Office of Student Accounts

Students who register are responsible to drop any class they do not plan to attend. Failure to drop the class before the semester begins may result in charges and/or grades being posted to your records. Do not rely on the "drop for non-payment" policy to remove these classes.

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