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Welcome to the Registrar's Office at Millersville University!

Our website contains much of the general information that is sought from our office and many of our processes have transitioned to electronic/online forms for your convenience.

If you plan to visit our office, we are located on the 1st floor of Lyle Hall.

You may also connect with us through email:

Degree Audit:

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Grades, Degrees and Graduation.

SPRING 2024  and summer 2024 are opened at this time.

Please note, once your graduation application is approved, your student account will be assessed the $30 degree fee which you will need to login to SAM to pay.

Spring 2024 graduation applications were due to the Registrar's Office by February 15, 2024. If you are graduating in Summer 2024 and plan to participate in May commencement, please also submit your application by this deadline. Applications continue to be accepted and processed beyond the deadline but we cannot guarantee that your information will be included in any printed commencement publications or lists. 

DO NOT Apply for Fall 2024 graduation or beyond at this time, that term is not opened and your application will be declined. 

Transcripts and Mail.
While we continue to accept traditional, mailed transcripts and forms, it's generally no longer the fastest way for us to receive your important documents.  If possible, please have official transcripts sent electronically from your other institutions as we receive them faster and they are more easily tracked. Additionally, for transcripts from Millersville, please make any transcript requests electronically for official PDF transcript which will be electronically sent. Electronic transcripts allow us to provide faster, more efficient service.

Withdraw, Change of Major, Authorization for Transfer, and more.
Our office still provides all the same services that we always have; however, many can now be accomplished electronically without a physical visit to our office. The academic program change request (major/minor form) and withdraw from a course process have been moved to an electronic process in MAX and we are working to get as many other services transitioned in that manner as well, in the meantime, forms can also be printed or filled in Adobe PDF and scanned/emailed to us with proper approvals as an alternative to physically dropping them off.

Please contact us at if you have questions!


Spring 2024 Registrar Bulletin

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines:  

FEB 15

Application deadline for bachelor's degree candidates for Spring and Summer 2024 (Online Graduation Application must be approved by all parties and in the Registrar's Office queue to meet the deadline.)

Applications for the master's degree/graduation must be filed in the College of Graduate Studies & Adult Learning

FEB 26

Deadline to submit an Academic Program Change Request (major/minor add/drop) in time for Fall 2024 advisement.

Any changes in major or minor submitted to the Registrar's office after this date will be processed, but TAP number and advisement will be sent to the student's advisor as of this date.

FEB 27*

Fall web schedule and other registration information available online


Spring recess begins at 7 am


Registration TAPS are available to academic advisers

MAR 11 Spring recess ends at 7 am
MAR 15

Deadline to submit an Academic Program Change Request (major/minor add/drop) in time for Fall 2024 registration.

Any changes in major or minor submitted to the Registrar's office after this date will be processed, but changes cannot be guaranteed in time for registration appointments. Students should discuss any potential overrides needed with academic departments.

MAR 29

Deadline for making up an incomplete grade for a Fall 2023 or Winter 2024 undergraduate course

MAR 29

Last day to withdraw from a course & receive a W grade (withdrawal form must be submitted online by 11:59 pm)

If course starts or ends outside of the regular Spring 2024 term (1/16-5/4), the withdrawal deadline will differ.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Last day to submit leave of absence or withdraw from the University for Spring 2024.

Click Here to access the full Academic Calendar


Monday evenings between 6 pm-10 pm is a maintenance period during which some electronic forms may not be accessible/available.  If you are trying to access a form during this time, please try back again outside of this time frame before submitting a notice of form failure. This maintenance period applies to many of the forms and items accessed through MAX and the registrar's office.

NOTICE from the Office of Student Accounts

Students who register are responsible to drop any class they do not plan to attend. Failure to drop the class before the semester begins may result in charges and/or grades being posted to your records. Do not rely on the "drop for non-payment" policy to remove these classes.

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