MU Enrollment Verification

MU Enrollment Verification

Free self-service official enrollment verifications are now available to MAX users through the National Student Clearinghouse. Using the web puts the control in your hands, saves you a trip to the University and is quick, easy and convenient. In a format that is widely accepted by third parties such as health insurance, credit issuers, housing providers, employers and others, the verification report includes the enrollment term dates and indicates full-time or part-time status.  You may also obtain a pre-term Advanced Registration Certificate (available for spring and fall terms only), which can be provided to third parties before the beginning of the semester until the official enrollment verification becomes available.

These self-service reports, however, may not be used for student loans. Please see below for important information regarding Student Loan Deferments.

When can you get an official enrollment verification?

  • Previous terms are always available;
  • Future spring and fall terms are available one week before the term begins; and
  • Summer terms are available the week after the official term ends.

When can you get an Advanced Registration Certificate (available for spring and fall terms only)?

Certificates are available beginning the week that follows the start of registration for an upcoming term.  The information provided on the certificate (such as a change in enrollment status from part time to full time) will be updated once a month until the start of the term.


  1.  Click here to access Enrollment Verifications in MAX:
  2. Read the information and then link to National Student Clearinghouse Gateway.
  3. Select "current enrollment", "all enrollments" or "Advanced Registration"
  4. Select "Obtain an enrollment certificate."
  5. Print your enrollment verification form.
  6. Logoff the National Student Clearinghouse website.
  7. Submit the enrollment certificate to your health insurer or whoever requires proof of your enrollment status.

Student Loan Deferments

Most enrolled students receive automatic deferments.  If, however, you receive a deferment form from your lender or loan servicer, contact the lender and tell them to get your enrollment information from the National Student Clearinghouse.  If you still believe a paper deferment form needs to be processed, submit the form to the registrar's office, where it will be forwarded to the Clearinghouse for processing according to their requirements.  Check the list of participating lenders and servicers to see if your lending organization offers paperless deferment.

If you are still enrolled and receive a collection letter, contact your lender or loan servicer to verify that your deferment has been processed (you can find your lender or servicer contact information by logging into or If it has not, contact the Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200 and ask to speak to a Student Service Representative.  The representative will verify your deferment information and, if you are being threatened with default, they will contact your loan holder to request that your deferment is processed on a priority basis.

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office.

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