’Ville Schedule Builder

Use ’Ville Schedule Builder to Simplify Registration

’Ville Schedule Builder is a new web-based tool that will help you easily plan your class schedule. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you can select courses according to your preferences.

’Ville Schedule Builder allows you to set aside time for work, athletics practice, rehearsals, family schedules and other breaks. The ’Ville Schedule Builder engine will generate every possible class schedule with the courses you need at the times you want. View several possible schedules at a time and compare options. Then, hold your ideal class schedule in your registration cart, and add your classes when registration begins.

Watch the ’Ville Schedule Builder Help videos to find out how to use all its features. Just click on “Help” once you are inside.

Remember the ’Ville Schedule Builder does not enroll you in classes. But you can save yourself time. It will also help you graduate on time. Give it a try, and let the ’Ville Schedule Builder do the work for you.

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